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Friday, August 27, 2010


HOT SPOT. An NSTAR repairman clears a branch which caught fi re
after striking a power line on Red Pine Drive during the rain on Monday
morning. (Photo by Eileen Blanchette)

MUSIC CAMP ROCKS! During an afternoon concert at Carlisle Kids House, (left
to right) Mike Geezil of Music Mayhem accompanies Tillie Golnik, Zeke Golnik,
Daniel Moore and Satchi Davis. (Photo by Jane Hamilton)

TREE TRUCKS. Tree trimming equipment is lined up along Bedford Road as
work continues despite the downpours. (Photo by Ellen Huber)

SPLISH-SPLASH. Red Cross swim instructor Megan Luppi gives a lesson to
Carlisle Kids House preschooler Samantha Fielding on one of the many hot dry
days in August. (Photo by Jane Hamilton)

SPLISH-SPLASH. Raindrops splashing in a puddle are a welcome sight after
months of drought. Parched lawns and gardens should be happier since over
two inches of rain fell this week. (Photo by Marjorie Johnson)

ALL EARS. Alex Knobel (left) and Emma Marshall (foreground) read to an
attentive audience at the Gleason Library’s Read Aloud event on August 19.
(Photo by Jane Hamilton)


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