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Friday, August 27, 2010

Shorts from the Conservation Commission, August 19

Chair Peter Burn kicked off the August 19 Conservation Commission (ConsCom) meeting by commenting, “I notice that we have a rather soft agenda.” Conservation Administrator Sylvia Willard quickly added, “But a lot of Certificates of Compliance.” Burn further observed that there were no filings, but it still took two hours before all the other business items were duly processed.

236 Lowell Street. First on the agenda was Patricia Hollsworth, who has an open Order of Conditions and is requesting a plan change to include installation of natural gas service with trench work within the 100-foot buffer zone. ConsCom members voted 4-0 to allow the gas line to be added to the Order of Conditions.

110 Maple Street. Suzanne Pietropaolo described a recent near-accident in which a child almost impaled herself on a silt barrier stake. The Pietropaolos have recently torn down an existing house and built a new one, as well as adding to the septic system, landscaping and associated grading. Willard was familiar with the siltation barrier location and advised the Commission that the area was now stable. Although the barrier should remain until the Certificate of Compliance is issued, members voted 4-0 to allow early removal of the offending section.

81 Craigie Circle. Kenneth and Catherine Cole attended the meeting to become more familiar with the ConsCom process. Having just moved from Connecticut and Oregon respectively, they were observed to be receiving several dump truck loads of dirt for a landscape project. When informed of town regulations by Willard, they agreed to install a siltation barrier to cover the dirt pile until they can file a Notice of Intent. Willard issued a “cooperative” enforcement order and the Coles learned some valuable information about Carlisle wetlands protection.

739 Concord Street. Louise Hara and Wayne Davis had the misfortune of having an enormous pine tree on their property fall into Spencer Brook last winter. Spring flooding prevented the removal of the tree, but the current drought provides an ideal time to remove the tree. Seeking the mildest form of regulation appropriate for the situation, Willard issued a “friendly” enforcement order to proceed and no further action was deemed necessary by the Commission.

104 Hart Farm Road. John Williams has a large tree growing nine feet from his house foundation. It’s within the 100-foot buffer zone of a bordering vegetated wetland and Williams asked the ConsCom whether he needs to file with them in order to remove the tree. “Hurricane season is coming,” he reminded the Commission. Members looked at a color photo of the offending tree hovering next to the house and voted 5-0 to issue an order allowing Williams to have the tree removed.

156 Carriage Way. Hing Watt originally received a permit in 2004 for the construction of a single family home, septic system, well, driveway and associated grading. He received an extension from ConsCom which subsequently expired. He then filed another Notice of Intent and is now requesting a three-year extension to that, which the Commission approved by a vote of 5-0.

Volunteer interviewed. Luke Ascolillo submitted his resume to the ConsCom and attended the meeting to interview for a possible position on the Commission to replace Tricia Smith, who is moving out of Carlisle. He explained that although his career involves infectious disease and public health, he has a background in environmental engineering and health. Ascolillo has extensive experience in human health risk assessment, some training in ecological risk assessment, a solid background in site investigation and sampling as well as some environmental impact assessment work. With degrees from Rensselaer and Tufts, he presently is a project manager at the Tufts University School of Medicine. This was music to ConsCom’s ears and they voted 5-0 to submit a recommendation to the Board of Selectmen for approval.

Projects completed. Katherine Endicott of 180 Prospect Street built a farm pond within the 100-foot buffer zone of a bordering vegetated wetland. She was granted a standard order of conditions in 2006 and the Commission voted 5-0 to issue a Certificate of Compliance (COC).

Ronald and Eileen Nardone of 259 South Street have completed several projects that required ConsCom oversight and approval. Among them are a home addition, construction of a tennis court, installation of an irrigation system and a fence for dogs. The work is now successfully completed and members voted 5-0 to issue three separate COCs. Finally, Randy Easton of 102 Pine Brook Road received a COC for the construction of a swimming pool and associated grading and landscaping.

Pathways. Conservation Administrator Sylvia Willard has given DPW Superintendent Gary Davis a list of pathway repairs that need attention before a Certificate of Compliance can be issued. A small section of pathway near Kimball’s has slumped; there is an excessive amount of stone surface spillage plus numerous rocks near St. Irene Church, and some berm patches remain to be seeded. ∆

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