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Friday, August 27, 2010

Planning Board aids Selectmen with Carlisle School site plan review

While the school building project is subject to a site plan review by the Board of Selectmen, the Planning Board Administrator has responsibility to help coordinate the process. The Planning Board also has the responsibility to gather comments from other town boards and committees (16 entities are represented) and issue a report to the Selectmen.

School Building Committee Chair Lee Storrs, architect Arthur Duffy and Carlisleĺ─˘s Owner Project Manager Sean Fennell came before the Planning Board on August 16 to deliver the 33 documents that represent the ĺ─˙Carlisle School Site Plan Review Application.ĺ─¨ Included are floor plans, the construction management plan, the phasing and staging plan, plans for asbestos abatement and structure demolition, and the drainage analysis report. All have been posted to the Planning Board link on the town website (

The various boards and committees will have until September 9 to respond with comments or questions to the Planning Board. These will be discussed at the Planning Board meeting on Monday, September 13. The report to the Selectmen will be finalized at the following meeting on September 27, prior to the Selectmen meeting on September 28.

Planning Board Chair David Freedman urged the public to attend the September 13 meeting at 7:45 p.m. as that would be an opportunity to express concerns that might then be included in the Planning Board report to the Selectmen. ĺÓ▄

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