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Friday, August 27, 2010

Board of Health shorts, August 10

125 South Street. Board of Health (BOH) Agent Linda Fantasia visited the oil leak site and on August 10 updated the board on the status (see “Fifty Acre Way oil leak triggers emergency response,” April 16.) The oil leak occured in a pipe running from the Lohrers’ basement tank to a swimming pool heater which led to contamination in the wetlands by Fifty Acre Way. “They had constructed a little air conditioned shed,” said Fantasia. “Some of the soil has been replaced,” she added. She expressed concern about the potential danger of the sharp drop-off from the patio around the pool. “The pool is not fenced,” she said. “I’ll swing by,” said Building Inspector John Luther.

50 School Street. The board reviewed a septic plan to replace a failed system at 50 School Street. Luther noted that it is a four-bedroom house, with one room being used as an office. Luther said the homeowners have been pumping out the failed system. The board approved the septic plan.

307 Cross Street. The board approved a community loan application for the replacement of a septic system at 307 Cross Street. BOH Chair Jeff Brem, noting some personal tax information in the file, requested that Fantasia destroy the information.

28 Concord Street. After reviewing two alternatives for a failed well, the board decided not to issue an emergency waiver for a new well. Instead they will ask the owner to appear at the August 30 meeting. Both well plans require waivers. One plan puts the new well close to an abutter’s property line and the other places the well under the owner’s driveway and within 80 feet of their own septic system. The board was leaning towards rushing the decision until they learned the well failed in May. “It’s not an emergency,” noted board member Mark Caddell, “since it’s been since May. It’s not fair to the abutter,” he added, noting that abutters need to be notified.

Resignation. BOH member Michael Holland has resigned, effective September 13. He and his wife are moving out of town.

Intern activities. Katherine Kinsel, a graduate student in epidemiology at the Boston University (BU) School of Public Health, will intern with the board through December. Some of the projects she will work on include Lyme disease education and the flu clinic. “My main goal is to get brochures, newspapers and user-friendly information to the public,” she said. Fantasia said board member Cathy Galligan has agreed to help supervise Kinsel. “There will be some out-of-pocket expenses,” noted Brem. “Our budget is bare bones, so there’s not much for these things. Do you get any funds from BU?” Kinsel offered to pay for some supplies herself. “We should find a way to pay for binders,” said Galligan. “Hopefully we’ll get a summer help grant.” ∆

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