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Friday, August 27, 2010

Exception taken to Forum piece

To the Editor:

I was pleased to read Clyde Kessel’s letter of August 13 objecting to Kerry Kissinger’s July 30 Forum article. Certainly Kerry’s gratuitously snide comments about his doctor’s “nearly perfect English” and the need for a “hand-held language translator” were obtuse, to put it in the gentlest possible way. This is particularly obvious to those of us who have worked with and trusted doctors who were born outside the United States.

Kerry, no matter in which English-speaking country you may happen to fall seriously ill (and I honestly hope this never happens to you): the USA, England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, when you’re supine on that gurney you will find – and I can guarantee this – EMTs, nurses and doctors looking down at you who have dark skins or whose eyelids have epicanthic folds, and who will not speak what you feel is flawless American English. If that happens, don’t worry. You won’t need your hand-held language translator. I’m pretty sure they will understand you.

By the way, this is certain to happen if you are brought to a major Boston hospital like the Brigham, Beth Israel or Mass General. These hospitals train doctors from all over the world.

Roger Goulet

Westford Street

Want change? This is your opportunity

To the Editor:

Carlisleans want change. Last year’s town needs survey found that less than 6% of town residents placed a lot of trust in our state government and 43% of town residents reported very little or no trust at all in Beacon Hill. That’s a shame. Could it be that government has become too expensive, too intrusive and too arrogant to deserve your trust?

Fortunately, ordinary citizens have heard the call and are running for office at all levels. Fresh faces with fresh ideas, not career politicians. They deserve your consideration and hopefully your support. Why not give them a look?

Concord realtor and independent candidate K. C. Winslow ( will bring real change to the State House. Chelmsford businesswoman Sandi Martinez ( and Chelmsford Selectman Eric Dahlberg ( want to provide you with vigorous representation in the state senate.

There are also four excellent candidates running for U.S. Congress. They include Carlisle’s own Jon Golnik (, Sam Meas (, Tom Weaver ( and Bob Shapiro ( Visit their websites. Give them a call.

What does change mean for you? Here’s an example. Carlisle is facing two large school construction projects. The Massachusetts state prevailing wage law and union-only contracting rules add 15% to the cost of school construction over and above that of other states. That means 15% higher taxes for you or 15% less school for Carlisle’s kids.

In 2004, Governor Romney proposed reforms that would address these contracting rules and bring Massachusetts construction costs in line with other states. The legislature put the kibosh on that. Why? Because reform would have upended the cozy relationship between Beacon Hill insiders and the unions and other special interests.

Change requires electing new leaders. Albert Einstein defined “insanity” as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. If you want change, then voting to put the same people back in office is just that … insanity.

James G. Bohn

Concord Street

Disgraceful appearing property – beyond repair?

To the Editor:

In Carlisle Center, fronting on Bedford Road and directly across the street from Gleason Public Library, there is a piece of property that seems to be gradually falling apart. For a number of years property has remained untouched, seemingly abandoned. Now it is quite an eyesore. The disgraceful looking property is made even more obvious since it abuts many edifices in the Historic Center area whose owners are constantly maintaining and improving their real estate.

Carlisle Center has always been a source of pride for our community. Our newly improved and renovated library with landscaped lawn sits stately on its site with red bricks and rippling panes of glass proud to be part of history. Ferns Country Store, boasting of both an indoor café and an outdoor umbrella’d patio where neighbors congregate to enjoy camaraderie and fine dining a-la-deli style, seems to glisten on both sunny days and rainy days. The intelligent and fun-loving proprietors have contributed so much to our community by helping to make Fern’s a “Center” of activity for our town. Lady Victory at the traffic circle commands respect as she proudly stands amid seasonal blossoms (thanks to the Garden Club) and guides us safely through town. The many other conveniently located businesses, as well as those residing in the Center, take great pride and make considerable effort to keep up appearances.

When will something be done to bring this “beyond repair” property up to the standard the historic Carlisle Center and our town residents deserve?

Marilyn Stuckey

Woodbine Road

Support for Dahlberg

To the Editor:

I don’t make a habit of expressing political opinions in public forums or endorsing candidates, but I had to make an exception in the case of Eric Dahlberg, Republican candidate for State Senate here in the Third Middlesex District.

There are many reasons to support Eric: his experience as Chelmsford selectman, his extensive knowledge of health care policy, his background and educational credentials, his fiscally conservative and practical policy positions, his refusal to accept special-interest PAC contributions and his decision to decline a state pension as a State Senator. But for me - and so many others who have met and worked with Eric - it’s the reassuring sense that he is a man of unquestionable integrity and commitment, a man who has no other ultimate goal beyond making this state a better place to live for us and our children. Whatever issues may confront the Third Middlesex District, I would take great comfort in knowing that Eric is on the job.

Please join me in voting for Eric in the September 14 Republican primary. Remember, both Republicans and Independents ( unenrolled voters) can vote in the Republican primary.

You may learn more about Eric by visiting his campaign web site:

Thomas Kracz

Westford Street


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