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Friday, August 13, 2010


All in the family:
Elizabeth Platais returns to her childhood home

Elizabeth (“Liz”) Platais, recognized world expert on Connemara Ponies, occupational therapist, mother, gardener and caretaker of the Elliot family lore, has returned to live in her childhood home, River Road Farm, with her husband Maris (see Mosquito, July 30, 2010, page 1). ...more

The View from Sunset Road :
To Sunset Blvd. and Back

Recently I traveled to Los Angeles for work (and by “work” I mean trying to sell things I write to “Hollywood,” a fruitless endeavor if ever there were one). Hollywood, Dorothy Parker famously said, is the only place you can die of encouragement. I lived there for six years, and people often ask me if I miss it. I used to really think a moment before ...more

Biodiversity Corner
A trio of dragonflies

August is a wonderful time to observe a variety of dragonflies, swooping in your garden or spotted in a field sitting on a blade of dry grass watching for smaller insects to grab for lunch. Dragonflies have captured the imagination of people all over the world for centuries and can be found depicted in a variety of works of art. ...more

Mosquito Dines Out:

For those of us who go to local small movie theaters, the Capitol in Arlington is a destination spot. As good as the freshly made popcorn and the ice cream parlor are, inside the theater, the abundance of good restaurants around the area is another reason to make the trip. Interesting pizza was not really represented in that stretch of Mass Ave. until the appearance ...more

Intimations of Mortality

This has been a very rough year for some of us who are about sixty years old – at least in my world. In the last 12 months I have lost two classmates and childhood friends (amongst others) and one neighbor was almost a goner were it not for incredibly competent doctors in what is arguably the best city in the world to get sick in. One died of cancer, one ...more

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