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Friday, August 13, 2010

School Building Committee shorts, Aug. 5

Early utility work. The new transformer pad is completed, Owner Project Manager Sean Fennell of Daedalus, Inc. told the Carlisle School Building Committee at their August 5 meeting. The excavation of the trench for the utility lines is incurring additional costs of roughly $8,000, he said. More rock and ledge is being encountered than expected. The dirt that is removed from the trench contains too much stone to be reused as fill around the new “duct bank,” which is the long concrete block covering underground electrical ducts. Fennell said, “They [the construction company)]are sensing they may need to import a few truckloads of decent material with which to backfill.”

Fennell reported that Verizon will be installing one replacement pole along School Street. “They are promising to install it next week,” he said. Chair Lee Storrs said he will attend the Board of Selectmen meeting to receive approval for the installation of the pole.

“The big thing today is the gas,” Fennell said. He was pleased to report that he finally connected with NSTAR, who sent out people to take measurements for the gas lines. “We will move from paperwork guys to construction guys” for the gas lines, said Fennell. (See article, page 1.)

• Invoices. The committee voted to recommend to the Selectmen the payment of two invoices. The first was for $125,194.16 which includes $106,191 for D’Amico, Inc. for construction of early site work, $1,512.16 for HMFH Architects, Inc. for the early site work package, $13,150 for Daedalus, and $4341 to NSTAR. The second invoice is for Provencher Engineering, Inc. for $1,250. Provencher interacted with the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and provided the agency with the electrical site plan and details from HMFH Architects which describe the changes to the transformer location in relation to the school’s well.

A short discussion was held to determine which contingency fund (schematic or design) should fund the invoice from Provencher. “It makes no difference,” noted Fennell. “The contingencies will get merged eventually.” Town Treasurer Larry Barton made a motion to pay the costs from the design contingency fund in the hard construction costs.

Invoice subcommittee created. The SBC voted to create a subcommittee to facilitate processing invoices. The members will be Barton, Selectman Doug Stevenson, SBC Chair Lee Storrs, and SBC members Bill Risso and Larry Wiggins. The subcommittee will review invoices and vote on recommendations to the Selectmen for payment of those bills. It was suggested that the subcommittee also be used to handle project change orders under $5,000.

Currently the invoice approval process is executed by the whole building committee, which meets every two weeks. The Selectmen, who also meet every two weeks, must issue the final approval. Barton pointed out that a bill “approved today could take up to three weeks to get out. That’s too long.” HMFH Architect Laura Wernick said, “Typically a general contractor needs payment within 30 days of submittal of a requisition.”

It was suggested that it would save time if invoices were distributed and approved via email, with comments cycled around by email as well. However, according to guidelines published in July by the Massachusetts Attorney General’s office, subcommittees of public bodies are subject to the Open Meeting Law, which includes requirements to hold public meetings and take minutes. Deliberations and votes cannot be taken via email.

When contacted later, Storrs said, “When we discussed it, the thought was to have each of the members review the invoices ahead of time. If none of the committee members had an objection then they would be approved and forwarded to the Selectmen. If there was an objection, then a meeting would be scheduled to discuss them and make a recommendation. If the law requires that we post and meet, then we will make sure we do that.”

Site review preparation. Storrs said he has sent the Site Plan Review materials to various town personnel, boards and committees including the Board of Health, the Pathways Committee (since disbanded, see article, page 1), the Conservation Commission, the Carlisle Building Commissioner, Police Chief, Fire Chief, Department of Public Works, Historical Commission, Recreation Commission, Council on Aging, Housing Authority, Gleason Library, School Committee, Administration at Carlisle School, Highland Committee, Youth Commission and the Cultural Council. Committee member Don Rober humorously pointed out that they missed the Long Term Capital Requirements Committee (LTC). Storrs joked that he hoped the LTC would not “shut them down.”

He said the time line for approval from the town is as follows: September 13 – appear before Planning Board; September 27 – Planning Board issues final recommendation; September 28 – Selectmen hold public hearing.

Storrs said the SBC must pay the $1,000 filing fee to the Planning Board. “We don’t have any fees in our budget,” he noted. Barton said the Selectmen can waive fees in some cases. Storrs noted there will be other fees as well, such as the building permit fee.

Water use. During construction, dust control is important, said Fennell, and construction workers need water to keep the dust under control. He asked if the construction workers could have “permission to use the town water.” After Storrs pointed out there is no town water supply, Flannery suggested that they fill a water truck with no more than 800 gallons a day from the school’s well. “My sense is that is not enough,” replied Fennell. The issue was tabled.

Scenic way. Some small trees and stones will need to be removed along School Street, a Scenic Road, explained HMFH Architect Arthur Duffy. Flannery suggested they walk the road with DPW Superintendent Gary Davis. Fennell suggested that they put ribbons around the trees that need to be cut down and explain why they must be removed.

Parking. A parking plan will be created for construction workers, teachers, and parents. Storrs said parking may be available at the Carlisle Congregational Church. Fennell asked, “Is parking by the Spalding Field a problem?” Superintendent Joyce Mehaffey replied that parents park next to the field during sports games. Rober added that bus drivers park their buses by Spalding Field during the day. Storrs said Banta-Davis may be available for parking. He said he will follow up with the potential for parking at the church. ∆

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