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Friday, July 30, 2010


Maris and Liz Platais celebrate

the opening of his new studio ...more

Happy Trails : Summer hiking at Greenough Pond

On the eastern side of Carlisle, abutting Billerica and the Concord River, sits the 242-acre Greenough Land, the largest conservation parcel owned by the town. Although this property features varied terrain including forests, riverbanks, agricultural fields and a pine plantation, the centerpiece of the parcel is undoubtedly Greenough Pond. Summer is a wonderful ...more

Biodiversity Corner : Clymene Moth

Moths are not the easiest creatures to identify. Many have similar colors and shapes with only subtle variations between species, and to make it harder there isn’t a really useful up-to-date field guide. Today’s topic, the Clymene moth, is one of the exceptions. It is very distinctive. ...more

A sweaty search for a nearby (and legal) swimming hole

Carlisle has many private ponds, marshes, swamps and water-homes to geese, but no public swimming holes. On hot days some get around this by swimming in illegal places. I usually go to Walden Pond or drive up to Cape Ann on the North Shore, but why drive so far when there are public beaches less than 15 minutes away? Some are closer than Walden Pond and less ...more

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