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Friday, July 30, 2010

Planning Board shorts, July 19

Carlisle School building project discussed. Since the school building project is subject to Site Plan Review by the Board of Selectmen, School Building Committee Chair Lee Storrs, architect Arthur Duffy and Sean Fennell (Daedalus Projects, Inc.) came before the Planning Board with an informal conceptual plan for the project. The planning administrator has responsibility to help coordinate the site plan review process and the Planning Board has the responsibility to gather comments from other town boards and issue a report to the Selectmen. The Selectmen will hold a public hearing later, during the site plan review.

Of particular interest to the Planning Board during the informal presentation were comments made regarding details to be worked out for the construction management plan. Construction scheduling to accommodate school schedules, traffic patterns during construction, the recently-revised plan for an 18-foot wide firelane, parking during and after construction and the blasting of ledge necessary to install the fire cisterns (80,000 gallons total) are some of the items to be detailed in the plan.

Chestnut Estates – removal of two trees on Rutland Street approved. In accordance with the Scenic Roads Bylaw, at a joint public hearing on July 19, the Planning Board and Tree Warden Gary Davis approved the request to remove a 16-inch diameter oak and a seven-inch pine. The applicants were attorney Martha Howe and Lou Baldoumas representing Rainbow Builders (Chelmsford). Howe said that the removal was necessary to install a private common driveway to serve the Chestnut Estates Conservation Cluster. Previously, the board had granted special permits for the six-lot conservation cluster with two private common driveways at its May 14, 2007 meeting. Baldoumas said that the electrical pole next to the pine will be the “main feed” for the subdivision and will be relocated.

During the discussion, Board Chair David Freedman cautioned the developer that land that had been deeded as Conservation Land by the owner can not be encroached upon during any construction activities. He asked if a “deer fence” had been removed since its removal had been one condition of the special permit. Board member Marc Lamere, who, as an abutter to the subdivision had recused himself from voting on the project, said that as of three weeks ago the fence was still in place. Howe said, “The deer fence will be removed before the end of the week.”

Revised Common Driveway Rules and Regulations approved. Section 5.4.4 of the Carlisle Zoning Bylaw allows up to six lots having legal frontage on an approved roadway to share a single driveway provided that a special permit is issued by the Carlisle Planning Board. The board shall impose such conditions as in its opinion are necessary to provide sufficient access for fire, police, ambulance/rescue and other vehicles, including conditions that assign responsibility for maintenance, snow removal and drainage.

New elements in the common driveway rules and regulations include: an approved construction management plan will now be required, though it may be waived at the discretion of the board; details of inspections are specified; and conditions are specified that must be satisfied before a building permit or occupancy permit can be issued for lots served by the common driveway. ∆

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