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Friday, July 30, 2010

Utility work gets underway on Carlisle School building project

Utility trench work is underway at the Carlisle School. (Photo by Ellen Huber)

Work on moving the utilities from under the school plaza has begun, School Building Committee (SBC) Chair Lee Storrs reported at the July 22 meeting. “The early utility work contract has been executed and work is proceeding. Last week the contractor mobilized equipment, had materials delivered to the site, and dug several test pits. He has begun mechanical removal of the rock in the area of the preschool play area.”

Invoice approved. An invoice for $167,224 for design services by HMFH Architects was approved. Contacted by email, Storrs said the committee discussed the process for verifying that work is completed before payments are made. In a response to a request by committee member Robert Wiggins, Storrs said Owner Project Manager Sean Fennell of Daedalus, Inc. will add “a description of the review that he performed and a basis for the recommendation to the approval sheet for the invoice. The expectation of the committee is that this detail will be provided for future invoices.”

Site Plan Review. David Freedman of the Carlisle Planning Board attended the SBC meeting to discuss his board’s role in the Carlisle School building project. They will assist and advise the Selectmen during the Selectmen’s site plan review. Contacted after the meeting, SBC member Bill Fink explained that the committee must provide the Planning Board with documentation within the next six weeks. “We need to have something in front of them and they may have additional questions for us,” said Fink. He added that the committee aims to ensure the reviews by the Selectmen and the Planning Board do not impact the construction timeline.

Storrs, contacted by email, said, “At this time I do not anticipate the process impacting the schedule. However, it will depend upon the nature and extent of the comments received from the town boards and the public. We have informally reached out to several of the boards and have held public forums on the project in the past and intend to hold additional forums in the fall, which I feel should be a benefit as we proceed through the site plan review.” Fink said that having the Planning Board review the project is beneficial, “Maybe they will find something that will help us.”

Teacher design review. Carlisle School Superintendent Joyce Mehaffey attended the SBC meeting and informed the committee that a group of teachers has been identified to help with the requirements for the new engineering and technology room, said Storrs. Mehaffey has contacted other schools with similar rooms and is planning to contact a school in Berkley, Mass. that has an engineering room.

Design feedback. Fink reported that Storrs and SBC member Janne Corneil met with HMFH Architect Laura Wernick regarding the design of the building. “They went through several ideas,” said Fink, which resulted in a design that was acceptable to the committee.

Fire ramp revamped. Fink reported that the Fire Department input has been used to choose the location of the fire access road. The new design had initially called for a fire ramp that cut up from the lower parking lot to the plaza, whereas currently the fire equipment accesses the plaza via a wide lane from School Street. The committee agreed to keep the School Street access. The new pre-K playground, which would have been built in the fire lane, will move closer to the new building. This turns out to be an advantage for the students, Fink said. “The only negative thing,” Fink explained, “is the snow on the roof” which may fall onto the playground. He said the architects are working on ways to channel the snow away from the playground. ∆

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