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Friday, July 30, 2010

Board of Selectmen shorts, July 27

Location for memorial bench considered. At the Selectmen’s meeting on July 27, Town Administrator Tim Goddard read an email received from Marc Lamere on behalf of the Historical Commission. The commission has considered placement options for a memorial bench offered by the family in remembrance of James and Cecelia Barron. Eleanor Barron Gorman specifically suggested the Town Center as an appropriate location. Lamere gave the response: “The commission strongly believes that individual memorials are not consistent with the nature of the Historical District or the Town Center.” He added, “The commission is not in the position to recommend solutions (to accept donations of specific objects determined by the donor), only to determine appropriateness. But the commission would be happy to discuss the general matter directly with the Selectmen during a Historical Commission or Selectmen’s Meeting.”

The Selectmen decided to move forward with such a discussion as well as to consider other locations: the entrance to the Conant Land (in back of Town Hall near Vivian Chaput’s memorial) or within Center Park. Chair John Williams will explore any interest by St. IreneChurch since the Barrons had close associations with the Catholic Church. The Library is not a viable option because its landscaping is deemed to be “completed.”

Investment Advisory Committee. An Investment Advisory Committee was established on June 22 and has the purpose to “undertake a thorough review of existing Trusts and related documents to establish the use of and corresponding investment policy for the trust funds of Carlisle.” Members have been named: Selectman John Williams, Finance Director Larry Barton, Town Accountant Priscilla Dumka, FinCom Members Dave Verrill and Michael Bishop, Library Trustee Ann Rosas, and Andrew Martin (citizen member). Members representing the Scholarship Advisory Committee and the Carlisle Public School are yet to be named.

Appointments and resignations. Elizabeth Carpenter has been appointed to the Conservation Restriction Advisory Committee. She has served on the Carlisle Land Stewardship Committee and the Carlisle Historical Commission and has experience in remote sensing, cartography, environmental assessments and plant geography.

Acknowledging Alain Bojarski’s service to the Long Term Capital Requirements Committee, the Selectmen accepted his resignation from that committee.

Concert on the Common on August 29. The Friends of the Council on Aging requested and received authorization to change the date for an outdoor concert on the Town Common to Sunday, August 29, from 3 to 5 p.m.

Next meeting. The August 10 meeting will include a hearing for a new electrical pole to be located near the Highland Building. ∆

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