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Friday, July 16, 2010

Board of Health shorts, June 29 and July 13

Sanitation inspectors hired.

On June 29 the Board of Health (BOH) chose Randy Phelps out of five interviewed candidates to be a part-time contracted sanitarian. Phelps will inspect town food service locations twice a year, working approximately ten hours a month for the town. Previously Carlisle has shared a sanitarian with Concord, at the rate of $60 per inspection hour. By hiring its own sanitarian at a lower hourly rate of $40 to $50 an hour, Carlisle hopes to save money.

Randy Phelps is currently the sanitation inspector for Shrewsbury and Templeton. After meeting all state certification requirements in his application, Phelps stood out in his interview for his street smarts, flexible work hours, and previous experience with the town. BOH agent Linda Fantasia praised Phelps, citing previous work they had done together, as well as his record of service to the town in helping to problem solve during an emergency on the Daisy property a few years ago. Phelps teaches Serve Safe, a food safety certification course, in Concord, and could teach it in Carlisle. He has experience shutting down non-compliant restaurants. Board member Cathy Galligan was impressed by his anecdote about marking contaminated lamb chops with orange spray paint. Phelps aims to engage with people to explain violations, educate, and suggest ways to fix problems.

At the July 13 meeting the board decided to contract with town sanitarian applicant Kevin Sweet for non-food inspections such as camps, recreational pools, etc, on an as-needed basis. He will be inspecting camp pools.

Intern. Katherine Kinsel, a master student in epidemiology at the Boston University School of Public Health is interested in interning for the Board starting in August, to meet the requirements of her school practicum. Kinsel’s term of service is to be 112 hours or more, during the fall semester. She expressed interest in helping with several projects, including those directly related to diseases, like flu clinics and Lyme disease prevention. Kinsel will work for the board in August.

Rocky Point. Board Agent Linda Fantasia is still waiting for information regarding the water and sewer meter readings and the guarantee of the septic system. The head of the condominium association will be contacted.

2010-2011 goals. Chair Geoff Brem was pleased with the results of the previous year, “We’ve really accomplished a lot of things. We’ve done a good job keeping track of our goals and checking them off.” The board discussed prioritizing issues such as public health awareness of gardening and manure, emergency preparedness, and neighborhood networks. Board member Cathy Galligan suggested the board start compiling information on its usual issues in a binder so that information is shared and passed into the future. Brem suggested the board look into making cheap emergency kits available for purchase.

Public sewer under investigation. The board plans to investigate the idea of hooking up public buildings or the Carlisle Village Court elderly housing complex in Carlisle center to the school septic treatment plant. The board is looking into doing a feasibility study, which is needed before it can apply for state funding.

Next meeting. The next meeting of the board will be on August 10. ∆

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