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Friday, July 16, 2010

No shortcuts: detour remains around Spencer Brook culvert

Repairs to be delayed on Concord’s Westford Road. (Photo by Cynthia Sorn)

Drivers traveling on South Street face another year of bypassing the washed-out Spencer Brook culvert on Westford Road in Concord. The detour takes cars from Pope Road to Spencer Brook Road, bringing drivers back to Westford Road just past the bridge. Concord Engineer Bill Renault explained that Concord applied for FEMA grants to fund the repairs, but the grants will not be awarded until next spring. Flooding spring rains carved out the pavement on one side, eroding the fieldstone under the road and dislodging the culvert under the bridge, over Spencer Brook (see photo).

Renault said the town is looking for two grants, one that would fund the repair of the road, and the other to “upsize” the culvert under the Westford Road bridge. The road and culvert project is being designed internally, he said, and he anticipates the design will be completed by the end of August. He said there have been discussions held about opening up one lane of traffic on the undamaged side of the road, “but I hesitate to do that,” he explained. He said the stone under the road is loose and he does not know the extent of the damage. He added that using the road “as is” may give the appearance that the culvert does not need to be increased in size. “The detour is not that long,” he added, which he said has helped the situation. ∆

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