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Friday, July 2, 2010

SBC reviews plans, summer work

The expenses for 72 rock probes were approved by the School Building Committee (SBC) at their meeting on June 24. These probes uncovered the fact that there is ledge at a depth of five feet where the cistern was to be situated. Instead of removing massive amounts of ledge, Carlisle’s Owner Project Manager Sean Fennell of Daedalus, Inc. suggested that the committee consider the possibility of moving the cistern. Contacted after the meeting, SBC Chair Lee Storrs said, “Sean Fennell proposed doing some additional rock probes on the other side of the Spalding Circle near the kindergarten play structure to see if the ledge drops off in this area. This will be looked at further. If the ledge drops off, his will save on excavation, but some of the savings would be offset by longer pipe runs.”

The contract for the early site preparation work is out for bids. Responses to the request for bids had been light up through June 22, but then two new responses were received. The committee knows of two additional contractors who will be approached. Bids are due to the committee by July 8.

The estimate of the early prep work increased from $150,000 to $360,000. A large portion of the increase was because of the transformers for the new building, which were moved farther away from the wells. Fennell stated that early site prep estimates are often increased and was not concerned that this would be typical of other estimates. He noted that the Massachusetts Department of Environment Protection is adamant about transformers being located away from wells, due to potential toxic fluids in the transformers.

When asked later how the unexpected $210,000 expense might impact the project, Storrs said, “There is a contingency in the budget. However, we will need to make sure we do not use too much of the contingency at this early stage. Currently these costs are estimates. We will revisit this issue once we get the contractors’ bids.”

Daedalus provided an estimate of $373,000 for the electric and gas work.

Building specifications reviewed

There was a lengthy discussion of the two entrances to the new building, how they should be situated, and which offices should be adjacent to them. The goal is to have an administrator in the offices next to both entrances, in order to keep an eye on the entrances and improve security. The issue is that the entrances are on opposite sides of the building and so the administrators will be far apart. Superintendent Joyce Mehaffey stated that she was confident the administrators could work out that problem and backed the plan to modify the floor plan to allow administrators at both entrances.

HVAC concerns addressed

The committee addressed Supervisor of Building and Grounds David Flannery’s strong concern about the location of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems on the new roof (see Carlisle Mosquito, June 18). The architect is considering two possible changes.

The first would place a screening system over the HVAC units to cut down on water, snow, pollen and dust. However, some of the units cannot be covered due to air flow considerations.

The second possible change would move the units to a new flat roof area at the back of the building, in order to eliminate the “bowl” effect caused by the sloping rooflines that surround the units when situated in the center of the roof. The architect is confident that the modern rubber membranes used at roof intersections will prevent leaks. It was also agreed that the units should be accessible by an interior ladder and hatch, eliminating the need to climb onto the roof from temporary ladders.

The HMFH architect stated that the building design will be in reasonably complete form in about six weeks, around August 10.

Schematics funding restricted

The committee noted that there is $95,000 left of the $450,000 voted for the feasibility and schematics phase of the project. Because this money was voted as a specific debt exclusion, it cannot simply be transferred forward to the design and construction phase. Members agreed that the issue would be brought to Town Meeting next spring so that the town might vote to transfer the remaining funds to the construction project. ∆

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