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Friday, July 2, 2010


OHD results - winners all

Parade winners:

RIDING HIGH. Parade Marshal Dave Toher of Curve Street carries the fl ag at the head of Carlisle’s 2010 Old Home Day Parade. (Photo by Mollie McPhee Ho)


First Place: Carlisle Conservation for “Give a Hoot”

Second Place: Carlisle Recycling for “Trash Monster”

Third Place: Hopping Huskies

Best Vehicle: 1956 Thunderbird

Best OHD Theme Interpretation: Carlisle COA: “Seniors are our Treasure”

Best Animals: Jane and Steve Quinn’s llamas

Best costumes: Savoyard Light Opera Company

Best Children’s Group: Noah’s Ark: “Children are our Treasure”

Cake Decorating winners

TURN ABOUT IS FAIR PLAY. An edible caterpillar, courtesy of the Cake Decorating contest.
(Photo by Marjorie Johnson)

TOO PRETTY TO EAT? Cakewalk winners (left to right) Peter Karle, Evelyn Karle, Christian Karle and Carole Ackerman. The cake, second-place winner in the Cake Decorating contest, was made by Fiona and Heatherann Sibley. (Photo by Beth Clarke)



First: Tillie and Zeke Golnik for “Carlisle Rocks”

Second: Ellie and Sam Blue for “Treasure Chest”

Third: Lindsey Stutz and Nick Barth for “Penguins in Paradise”


First: Gillian, Anna and Fallyn Kirlin for “Corn on the Cob”

Second: Fiona and Heatherann Sibley for “Cat - Pennylope”

Third: The Richardson/Heen family for “Old North Bridge”


First: Megan Allison for “Spaghetti and Meatballs”

Second: Liza Snell for “Treasure Chest”

Third: Megan Allison for “Penguins”

Pie Contest winners

Fruits/Berries category:

First: Emily McAnulty for Vintage 1845 Apple Pie

Second: Catherine O’Kelly for Apple Pie

Third: Julia Krapf for Raspberry Pie

Creams/Chiffons Category:

First: Patti Russo for Key Lime Pie

Second: Diane Troppoli for Coconut Cream Pie

Third: Emily McAnulty for Ultimate S’more Pie ∆

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