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Friday, July 2, 2010


From Goldens to guinea pigs, children’s pet show was a great success

HOW SWEET IT IS! Hannah Yelle and her mom, Carol Yelle, with Hannah and Becca’s Himalayan bunny, “Sugar Man.” (Photo by Jane Hamilton)

What a beautiful turnout for the children’s pet show. And such an impressive collection of cute, well behaved and well cared for pets!

We had 14 dogs entered in the show, all of whom had their own stories to tell. Josh Miller brought ‘Ranger’ his adorable yellow lab. Ranger was very well behaved and surely knew that Josh took great care of him and spent oodles of time with the furry pup. Josh stays very busy training Ranger. We all hope to see him next year!

Bella Saraceno and ‘Sophie’ the labradoodle were another great pair and Sophie loves to play ball! Liam Smith brought ‘Lola,’ an adorable black lab/beagle mix. It was obvious to all in attendance that Liam was a wonderful pet owner. Evelyn Karle brushed ‘Jessabell’ to get her ready for the show; her fur is soft like a bunny, she said!

Katie Hales gave ‘Molly’ a good bath before bringing the Maltese/Chihuahua mix to the show. Katie says she is a great guard dog. Sam Grady brought a St. Bernard named ‘Maggie.’ Although sensitive about her size, Maggie was absolutely beautiful and had walked to the show with Sam. Emma Schofield brought ‘Astro,’ a well loved black lab. Astro has had some health issues but despite it all, he is a survivor and we were so happy he could be in the show!

Emily McCormack brought ‘Snowy,’ a DANCING Bichon Frise. This was one cute pair! The Blunts brought ‘Dexter’, their Golden retriever who was a delight to the judges. Maggie Friel brought a rescue dog from Tennessee, a mixed breed named ‘Alice;’ she was all dressed up in her flag! She also brought her other dog, a lab named ‘Kevin’ also all dressed up. Kevin was very calm and was a seeing eye dog at one time. We all enjoyed Andy’s (no last name) border collie/shepherd mix named ‘Ally.’ Andy was very knowledgeable about Ally’s care and was a very loving owner, Ally looked great in her necklace. The Barry children, Owen, Maggie and Cate, brought ‘Banshee’ (great name!) who is a German shorthaired pointer. Banshee loves to swim in lakes and rivers even in the winter and is best buddies with a cat!

‘Belle,’ a golden retriever, and her owner, Abby Flynn, enjoyed telling us about Belle’s training to become a medical alert doggie. In the puppy category, we had one entry named ‘Nellie Belle,’ proudly brought out by Elsa Simonton. She is a rescue pup fairly new to Elsa, but they love snuggling together.

In addition to the 15 canines, we had a variety of more unusual pets as well. Luria Lee brought her snapping turtle, ‘Baby Bowser,’ that the judge exclaimed was really cool and could even sit! We had a Fancy Rat named ‘Gray-squi’ who was extremely affectionate with his owner Shayna Erickson. He likes carrots with ranch dressing! Hannah and Becca Yelle brought a beautiful Himalayan Bunny named ‘Sugar Man.’ He had lots of attention from the spectators! His cage and his family looked great in their Red, White and Blue décor!

Maggie Blake brought the only cat of the day, ‘Percy,’ a domestic short hair. He is a very special cat with a crooked tail and he thinks he is a dog!

To round out the entrants, we had two guinea pigs, ‘Sugar’ and ‘Spice’, brought out by their owner, Ellie Kidder. Spice is very shy and can stand up on two legs, while Sugar is very good at climbing stairs.

A warm thank you to all the entrants for a wonderful children’s pet show. The participants, spectators and judges had a very enjoyable time visiting with all of you. This year’s judges did a great job, Thanks to Katie Mills, Alexa Barach, Anna Stabler and Hillary Cook. ∆


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