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Friday, June 25, 2010

Board of Selectmen shorts, June 22

Caroline Hill Scholarship Fund. The Selectmen approved the recommendations of the Scholarship Committee on June 22. Ten local students will receive scholarships for the 2010-2011 academic year in amounts ranging from $2,500 to $500.

Board Chair John Williams suggested that an Investment Advisory Committee be given the charter to review all trust accounts and related documents and to identify acceptable investment risk tolerance parameters without violating the original intent of the donors. He said that in general the principal of each trust cannot be invaded but that at present the accounts are achieving near-zero growth.

Alan Lehotsky corrects the record. During the Community Input portion of the agenda, Housing Authority Chair Alan Lehotsky said, “In November 2009 at a Board of Selectmen hearing regarding appointments to the Zoning Board of Appeals I made an inaccurate statement regarding Mr. Alan Carpenito. I said that he had been cautioned by the State Ethics Board (sic) regarding his actions with respect to the Benfield Property. That statement was incorrect based on my faulty memory of a sequence of events in November-December 2008, a year earlier.” Lehotsky concluded, “On review it is clear that either Town Counsel or Madonna McKenzie (the then Town Administrator) had cautioned Mr. Carpenito on limitations imposed by state conflict-of-interest rules. The State Ethics Commission was not involved. I apologize whole-heartedly for any confusion and distress that statement may have caused.”

Free Outdoor Concert scheduled for afternoon of Sunday, July 18. The Congregational Church has received permission from both the First Religious Society and the Selectmen on behalf of the Town (joint owners of the Town Green) to hold a brass quintet concert on the Green.

School building project. It was announced at the Finance Team meeting on Tuesday morning that the state has signed the finding agreement with the town for partial reimbursement of the Carlisle School building project. Anticipating the School Building Committee’s receipt of construction bids on July 8 with the desire of moving rapidly to contract award, the Selectmen have scheduled a single-item meeting for 6 p.m. on July 13 for possible approval of the contract(s).

After adjournment the board plans an informal discussion and dinner at the Williams’ home. Discussion will center on status and accomplishments regarding goals that had been set the previous year and to establish/revise goals for the upcoming year. A public meeting on the same topic will be held on August 10.

Executive Session. The board adjourned the public meeting to go into executive session to discuss “disciplining or dismissal of a public employee.” ∆

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