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Friday, June 18, 2010

ConsCom approves Benfield Farms

The Conservation Commission (ConsCom) voted at its June 10 meeting to close the public hearing and issue a permit for the Benfield Farms affordable housing on South Street. The board’s decision followed nearly six months of presentations, consultations, delineations, deliberations and plan refinements. Concurrently, the Zoning Board of Appeals is considering ...more

Superintendent Diana Rigby receives high marks

Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee (RSC) members gave Superintendent Diana Rigby high praise in her annual performance evaluation on June 8. ...more

Town advises those facing foreclosure

Driving through Carlisle, a visitor might see nothing but prosperity. Well-maintained homes, a renovated library, an expanded Ferns, and long lines at Kimballs/Bates seem to attest to a continuation of the good times. But behind that façade, a growing number of homeowners are asking themselves whether they can continue to live here. Some are even facing the ...more

Board of Selectmen to create investment advisory committee

In tough economic times, even the most conservative person reconsiders the risk/gain ratio. Town Treasurer Larry Barton, a self-proclaimed “conservative” when it comes to Carlisle’s finances, has taken a closer look at existing trusts and believes the town can do better than the 0.04% many funds are currently realizing. He presented his findings to the ...more

Selectmen approve Minuteman High feasibility study, again

With the original feasibility study for renovations to the Minuteman Career and Technical High School already approved by the town, the Board of Selectmen (BOS) decided on June 8 to take no action on a slightly lower revised budget being proposed in an effort to obtain unanimous approval from the 16 towns in the regional school district. Fifteen towns have ...more

Damaged MacAfee Land to be restored

The Conservation Commission (ConsCom) and Carlisle Conservation Foundation (CCF) are working with a Westford landowner to remediate damage to a portion of the Town-owned MacAfee Conservation Land. Large trees had been removed, smaller trees felled, a large pile of soil deposited, and a portion of the MacAfee Trail destroyed. Steve Hinton and Steve Spang of ...more

Zoning Board of Appeals waits for Town Counsel input on Benfield 40B

The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) met on June 8 to continue the Benfield Farms 40B hearing with its key agenda item being a discussion of the draft conditions that Town Counsel Rich Hucksam, Jr. of Deutsch, Williams et al., had committed to complete by May 28. This document is to be a compilation of all the conditions communicated to the ZBA from all town boards ...more

ZBA short and sweet, June 14

In what may have been the shortest meeting of the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) in recent history, the board enjoyed a brief respite from the seemingly endless Benfield 40B public hearings. The June 14 meeting was held to discuss all the non-40B issues that have accumulated since the beginning of the year. It turns out there weren’t any, other than one minor ...more

Housing Coordinator position created

At Town Meeting May 10, voters agreed to staff a Housing Coordinator position by using up to $50,000 in Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds collected by the town and designated for housing. This position replaces the Administrative and Housing Authority Coordinator, and is staffed by the same person, Elizabeth Barnett. According to Town Administrator Tim ...more

Placement questioned for new school heating units : Rooftop units have access problems, higher maintenance costs

Concerns were raised at the June 10 meeting of the Carlisle School Building Committee (SBC) about the design of the new building and the location of the heat, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) systems. The latest design of the building puts the HVAC systems on a flat roof, approximately six feet lower than two sharply angled roof lines, creating a “bowl” effect. ...more

SBC irons out details of summer utility line project

Bidding for the early site work on the Carlisle School campus was expected to start on June 16, the Carlisle School Building Committee (SBC) learned at the June 10 meeting. The goal is to move all utility lines from under the plaza to behind the buildings. The work includes burying an underground tube for electrical service, called a “ductbank,” behind ...more

Carlisle groups work to reduce pollution and energy use

How much energy do Carlisle residents use? How much do the by-products of our lifestyle pollute the local environment? Several active Carlisle organizations work to educate townspeople and the Carlisle government on decisions that affect the environment. Over the last several years Carlisle Climate Action, The Carlisle Energy Task Force, Carlisle Household ...more

Beware of the following scam

A male party will knock on the door of elderly residents and explain that tree work is being done in the area and requests they come outside and point out the trees they don’t want cut. The residents then return to their houses minutes later to discover money and jewelry have been stolen while they were conversing outside. ...more


Carlisle School teacher Ken Ashe was listed incorrectly in a table on page 6 of last week’s issue. He notes that he is not leaving “for a new position” but because he has been terminated. The Mosquito regrets the error. ...more

School Building Committee shorts, June 10

Design changes. HMFH Architect Arthur Duffy distributed an updated floor plan for the new Spalding Building (see diagrams at left and on page 18) at the June 10 meeting of the Carlisle School Building Committee (SBC). Changes include modifying two of the kindergarten classrooms into an “L-shape;” creating a ...more

Conservation Commission shorts, June 10

Conservation field mowing. The Conservation Commission (ConsCom) selected Jack O’Connor of Church Street to mow the Towle and Benfield Conservation Land fields during the 2010 season. O’Connor, who mowed the fields last year and also serves as Manager of the Foss Farm Community Gardens, was the sole bidder. ...more

ConsCom agenda for Thursday, June 24

7:30 Minutes, bills, agenda items ...more

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