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Friday, June 18, 2010


Florence Goulet: Education and a full loaf

Florence Goulet describes the small rural village in southwestern Uganda where she started life as “the last place created on earth, or maybe the first.” Geographically speaking, the tiny hamlet near Kisoro’s Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is half a world away from her present home with her husband, Roger, on Westford Street. Culturally speaking, the ...more

Reflections on graduation: Lessons in community

As the concert band launched into a festive rendition of the recessional march and a sea of maroon and white graduation caps took flight, mingling briefly in the air before returning to their owners, I exhaled gratefully. Certainly, high school had been a formative and enjoyable experience for me, but I couldn’t help appreciating the new-found freedom that ...more

Oh! The Places They’ll Go! Next steps for Carlisle CCHS Class of 2010

Victoria Edina Abel Colby College ...more

Dining Out: Manga A La Italiana by Laurie Aragon

L’Andana Grill, Burlington

Great Italian food is almost everyone’s favorite answer to the question “if you had to eat one cuisine forever, which would it be?” The Italian countryside, drenched with sun and chock-a-block with olive trees, tomatoes, wheat, livestock and great grapes, serves up its bounty to the world. The Tuscan region has some of the world’s best wines and its ...more

Happy Trails : Great Brook Farm State Park: Meadow Pond

In addition to hundreds of acres of town, federal and privately owned conservation land, Carlisle is home to Great Brook Farm State Park, an active dairy farm surrounded by publicly accessible park land with ponds, picnic areas and an education/interpretive center. The 900+ acre park also boasts more than 20 miles of hiking trails. The trails at Great Brook ...more


Name: The Cinnamon Fern is Osmunda cinnamomea. It is a member of the Osmundaceae family which has only three members living in this area. The other two are the Interrupted Fern and the Royal Fern. All three are common in Carlisle. Reputable sources claim that the genus is ...more

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