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Friday, June 18, 2010

Conservation Commission shorts, June 10

Conservation field mowing. The Conservation Commission (ConsCom) selected Jack O’Connor of Church Street to mow the Towle and Benfield Conservation Land fields during the 2010 season. O’Connor, who mowed the fields last year and also serves as Manager of the Foss Farm Community Gardens, was the sole bidder. According to the agreement he will be paid a total of $1,781 and $903 respectively for multiple mowings of the parcels.

Oil spill remediation at 125 South Street. Paul McManus of EcoTec represented applicant George Lohrer in his request for a permit to complete cleanup of 150 gallons of home heating oil. The fuel leaked from a break in a pipe running from the Lohrers’ basement tank to a swimming pool heater and surfaced in a headwaters wetland adjacent to Fifty Acre Way. (See Mosquito, April 16, “Fifty Acre Way oil leak triggers emergency response.”) A few weeks ago the ConsCom issued a “friendly” Enforcement Order to Lohrer so work to abate the emergency could continue after an initial Emergency Certificate expired.

McManus explained that the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP; 310 CMR 40) mandates cleanup of contaminants to background or zero levels. The work must be overseen by a licensed site professional (LSP).

He said that nearly 400 cubic yards of contaminated soil have been removed from the site. There is some residual groundwater contamination that must be cleaned up to meet drinking water standards. Cosmo Gallinaro, an LSP from Common Sense Environmental, described options for treatment of the remaining dispersed oil. He indicated that treatment will be needed for four to five months or more and that he will be monitoring the groundwater for a year. No oil has been detected in the Lohrer’s well or those of the four Fifty Acre Way homeowners.

Because the ConsCom is still awaiting a file number from the Department of Environmental Protection and a decision from the state Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program regarding rare species habitat on the site, the hearing was continued to June 24 at 8:15 p.m.

Hanover Hill. Rob West, on behalf of Hanover Hill Realty, sought the ConsCom’s approval to remove siltation barriers from several sections of the 35-lot subdivision development off Westford Street where work has been completed and the area stabilized. The board concurred.

George Dimakarakos of Stamski and McNary presented and received approval of a plan to remediate damage to the Hanover Road stream crossing. Sand used to backfill around the bridge abutments had washed out during this spring’s heavy rains. The applicant proposed removing most or all of the remaining sand and replacing it with more compactable substrate material (mixed particle sizes). The areas will then be covered with rip-rap. The project will be done in sections to minimize damage if another big rainfall event occurs during the work. Dimakarakos said a plan to remove the sand that washed about 180 feet down stream is in process.

Completed projects. Agreeing that the work had been successfully completed, the ConsCom approved Certificates of Compliance for two projects. These included replacement of a septic system and removal of sheds and a tree for Geoffrey Freeman at 210 Concord Street and tree removal at the home of Ned Berube at 784 North Road.

New chair. At the end of the evening the board thanked Chair Peter Burn for his service. Vice Chair Kelly Guarino will become Chair in July. ∆

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