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Friday, June 18, 2010

School Building Committee shorts, June 10

A revised fi rst fl oor layout for the new school building. (Courtesy HMFH)

A modifi ed design of the new building’s second fl oor, showing a new speech room at one end of the building by the stairs. (Courtesy HMFH)

Design changes. HMFH Architect Arthur Duffy distributed an updated floor plan for the new Spalding Building (see diagrams at left and on page 18) at the June 10 meeting of the Carlisle School Building Committee (SBC). Changes include modifying two of the kindergarten classrooms into an “L-shape;” creating a meeting area in the entrance (called a “Kiva”); replacing a ramp with steps; the addition of curved walls, two small speech therapy rooms by the stairs; and the separation of the administrative offices. Asked later about the changes, SBC Chair Lee Storrs said the committee has not discussed the new design yet, but discussions are planned for the next SBC meeting on June 24.

“The floor plan was modified in an attempt to address some of our previous comments, including adding bathrooms and trying to have the connections between the three buildings be more open and not just a hallway,” Storrs explained. He said the ramp was removed because “it took up quite a bit of floor space and since we need to install an elevator anyway because of the two-story building, the thought was to utilize the elevator and avoid installing a ramp.”

Storrs said the committee needs to meet with Principal (and soon to be Superintendent) Joyce Mehaffey regarding the location of her office in the new building. She prefers to be located closer to Principal Patrice Hurley, said Storrs. Storrs said they will meet with Mehaffey to discuss the design.

Status of MSBA funding agreement. The SBC has not yet received a signed Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) funding agreement. The agreement is the contract between the town and the state which includes the state’s commitment to reimburse the town for eligible building costs. Carlisle’s Owner Project Manager Sean Fennell, of Daedalus, Inc., told the SBC that the MSBA is “still waiting for DESE’s [Department of Elementary and Secondary Education] document so nothing has changed.” He explained that the DESE provides a Special Education review of the project and whether it complies with requirements. Town Treasurer/Tax Collector Larry Barton replied, “They shouldn’t be holding it up.” He suggested that Town Administrator Tim Goddard, who was present, should call State Representative Cory Atkins’ office for help to expedite the process.

Formalizing the invoice process. The SBC reviewed invoices, including one for $4,698 from Daedalus, Inc. All payments will be scrutinized by the MSBA before reimbursements are received so record-keeping is essential, noted SBC member Robert Wiggins. “I’m not comfortable signing it,” he said. “It was received last night.” Storrs reminded Fennell that invoices should be sent 48 hours in advance. Wiggins said he wanted a memo describing what the fee covered. Fennell replied, “I will write a memo explaining it.” The committee voted to approve the invoices for HMFH Architects and Daedalus, Inc. totaling $25,318, contingent upon receipt of Fennell’s memo. “The invoices … were for Daedalus covering the period of January through the end of May,” explained Storrs later by email.

Neighborly conversation. Storrs said he would hold a discussion with the Carlisle Congregational Church about the summer construction. “It makes good sense – they are our neighbor – to let them know construction workers will be out there working.”

Storrs said about 30 parking spaces in the back of the church may be used by the school, for around $1,000 a month. “From the SBC point of view,” he said, “we need it just for a couple of years.” Storrs said the school will also need a paved play area to replace areas lost during the construction. He said that it is possible an area in the church parking may be used. Barton said if the school needs to use the church’s parking lot in January 2011, discussions need to start soon. “If you need it for two years that’s one discussion, if longer, that’s a different discussion,” he said.

SBC member David Flannery noted there are “buffer trees by the road. We have to be neighborly… we may have to replant the trees. In general we have to get permission to cut trees on a scenic way.”

Multi-purpose room partition. No door will be included in the removable partition that will bisect the planned multi-purpose room in the Robbins Building. The room will be accessible by exterior doors on both halves, but doors leading to the school hallways can be locked when the room, or portion of it, is being used for non-school use. ∆

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