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Friday, June 18, 2010

Superintendent Diana Rigby receives high marks

Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee (RSC) members gave Superintendent Diana Rigby high praise in her annual performance evaluation on June 8.

Rigby has had the job of superintendent for two years. She oversees both the Concord-Carlisle High School (CCHS) and the schools in the Concord School District. RSC Chair Louis Salemy said, “By all measures, she has exceeded my expectations. Her performance has been exceptional . . . She’s the CEO of our school system . . . She is held accountable for the performance of the organization.” RSC member Peter Fischelis concurred, praising her for assembling a talented administrative team.

Fischelis said, “She manages respectfully, compassionately and effectively. She holds herself and those who work for her to high standards,” adding that she is adaptable and willing to admit to mistakes.

RSC member Jerry Wedge ranked Rigby “commendable” for her leadership. “She leads with integrity . . . She shows caring and respect for students and staff.”

Salemy cited three major accomplishments. The first was Rigby’s involvement on the Master Plan Committee. Salemy said, “The CCHS building has been a source of frustration and concern over the last ten years.” The outcome of the Master Plan has led to Massachusetts School Building Authority [MSBA] involvement and the successful passage by two towns for funding a feasibility study for a renovation of the high school.

The second accomplishment was how Rigby reacted, along with the RSC and CCHS Principal Peter Badalament, to last year’s parent survey, where parents requested a ninth-grade English curriculum review. This led to the English Department, for the first time, offering an Honors English curriculum to the incoming freshmen this coming fall.

The third accomplishment, Salemy said, was managing the school budget during difficult economic times, particularly with changes in state aid mid-year. RSC member Pam Gannon agreed, saying Rigby was fiscally responsible. Salemy noted that teachers have been laid off in many other schools.

Salemy spoke about Rigby’s leadership and how well she responds to crisis. There have been three this year. Salemy thanked Rigby for “Long hours and dedication,” and summed it up by saying, “[Rigby] has done a great job and we’re lucky to have her.”

Gannon praised Rigby’s being visible at many school events, strongly supporting the METCO Program, reducing the number of out-of-district placements and “vigorously pursuing grants.” Several RSC members noted Rigby’s willingness to collaborate with others.

Several RSC members praised Rigby’s communication skills. Salemy said, “She handles herself very well with outside agencies, most importantly, the MSBA.”

Rigby thanked the committee. She said, “I appreciate all the feedback. It is my pleasure to serve you.”

It was the first evaluation done by the committee since the state court ruling that such evaluations must be done entirely in public meeting. In the past, each school committee member would send their evaluation to the chair, who would combine all the input into a summary. ∆

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