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Friday, June 18, 2010

ConsCom approves Benfield Farms

The Conservation Commission (ConsCom) voted at its June 10 meeting to close the public hearing and issue a permit for the Benfield Farms affordable housing on South Street. The board’s decision followed nearly six months of presentations, consultations, delineations, deliberations and plan refinements. Concurrently, the Zoning Board of Appeals is considering an application for a comprehensive 40B permit for the development.

The ConsCom review pertains to those portions of the proposed development which will occur in or near a wetlands resource area. The hearing under the state Wetlands Protection Act (MGL Ch. 131 sec. 40) began December 17. The project includes 26 proposed senior rental units, a public water supply well, sewage disposal system, stormwater management structures and other site work. The well and portions of the septic system will be located on the Benfield Conservation Land at the rear of the parcel.

The ConsCom has 21 days following the close of a hearing to issue its Order of Conditions. The board plans to finalize its findings and special conditions for the project on June 24 and sign the permit that evening. It should be issued a few days later. There is a ten-day appeal period after a permit is issued. ∆

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