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Friday, June 11, 2010

Board of Health shorts, June 8

Ferns. After Ferns proprietor Larry Bearfield supplied letters from the state, the Board of Health (BOH) decided at their June 8 meeting that all public water supply, public restroom and septic requirements had been satisfied and amended their previous approval of Bearfield’s design plans to include approval of indoor public seating.

Regionalization. BOH member Bill Risso reported back after attending a state workshop about the pros and cons of regionalizing health services. Risso’s understanding is that the state wants to “have a level playing field for public health” because “some towns have invested a lot in public health and are great and others are low and regionalization averages them.” After listening to other towns detail their mixed experiences and express a consensus that regionalization does not save money, Risso is of the opinion that “regionalization would not be a good deal for Carlisle” because “it is not a savings.” BOH Chair Jeff Brem commented that Carlisle was a special case due to many intangible qualities of service and because “we probably have the smallest BOH in the state.” Board member Cathy Galligan supported the opinion that “we have a high level [of services] and we would lose that.” The board plans to draft a letter detailing their reasons against regionalization to share with the Selectmen.

Well testing. The board funded testing of six wells in the town center and the Police Department well with part of a $17,000 grant from the state. The board plans to test the Fire department well next.

Lyme Disease. Donald Craven, Chair of the infectious disease center at Lahey Clinic, has volunteered to speak free of charge on the topic of Lyme disease, in the Clark Room at Town Hall in early September. The board hopes to simultaneously broadcast the event on CCTV.

Training. The board approved funding to send members Risso and Mark Caddell to a Mass Health Offices Association workshop on community agriculture.

Sharps disposal. Galligan reported that the state has for the second time postponed enaction of the ban on domestic sharp disposal due to insufficient public collection facilities. BOH Agent Linda Fantasia said that the recommended way to dispose of sharps such as needles is in unmarked coffee containers.

Summer intern. The board is seeking a summer intern from the Boston School of Health to help with several ongoing projects potentially including the heart safe community designation, lyme presentation, flu clinic, newspaper publications and the neighborhood networks plan.

New sanitarian. The town of Carlisle’s contract purchasing health and inspection services from Concord will terminate on June 30. At the June 8 meeting the board selected five food inspector applicants to be interviewed at the next meeting, June 29, beginning at 7:15 p.m. ∆

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