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Friday, June 11, 2010

Highland project goes out to bid

Materials for construction bids for the Highland stabilization project have been published and a walk-through of the building was held on June 3. Construction bids are due and will be opened on June 11 and the next committee meeting will be on June 17.

The Highland Building was on the agenda at the last Selectmen’s meeting, where a letter from architectural firm Menders, Torrey and Spencer helped to clear up permitting issues raised by Building Inspector John Luther. The letter explained that this project would not take the building to occupancy, but only to an interim stabilization. The current plan is to put new storm windows on the existing windows, remove flammable materials from the building and switch to a modular boiler to heat the building, maintaining it at about 50°F in the cold months. Luther agreed with the plan, as has Fire Chief David Flannery.

Coordination with school

The committee is coordinating the stabilization work with the school’s building project. The June 3 meeting was attended by Lee Storrs, representing the School Building Committee, as well as Carlisle School Committee members Mary Storrs and Bill Fink. From July 12 to approximately August 23, the School Building project will be running conduits past the right side of the Highland Building between the property line and off the paved area for electrical, communications and gas lines. This will require the Highland Building project to move the lay-down area for its construction materials, but that will be the only adjustment.

Highland will not be able to tap into these conduits when the building enters restoration phase, Storrs said, because the school project is already exceeding the number of wires it can run up the existing pole and will be “maxed out” even after installing an additional pole. Therefore, the Highland project will have to run its own power lines.

They are, however, still planning to share the fire cistern. The committees will continue to coordinate project work. The School Building Committee plans to have more information available to the Highland Building Committee by the end of June.

The Highland Committee will clear the use of the school parking lot this summer for construction with school principal Joyce Mehaffey. In addition, the Congregational Church has indicated willingness to enter into a long-term agreement to allow weekday use of the church parking lot by school or Highland personnel, according to committee member John Ballantine. He expects more details to be available in the next few weeks.

Future options

Initial discussion of the schematic design options prepared by Menders, Torrey and Spencer yielded the decision that the next discussion will be with Flannery and the architects regarding the best place to site the ADA-compliant elevator, main entrance and other entrance stairs in a future full renovation of the Highland Building.

Following decisions on these issues, the committee will begin discussion with parties that have expressed interest in using the building, including the Recreation Commission, Carlisle Extended Day, the Montessori School and the Council on Aging. Governance and management of the building will also be discussed. ∆

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