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Friday, June 11, 2010

Help make Old Home Day possible

To the Editor:

Carlisle Old Home Day is coming up soon on June 26 and 27. Your tax-exempt contributions help make this annual event an important part of making Carlisle the special place that we enjoy. If you haven’t already, please join me in sending your contributions to: Old Home Day, 90 Page Brook Road, Carlisle, MA 01741.

Enjoy the celebration!

Fontaine Richardson

Skelton Road

Carlisle School plans organic garden

To the Editor

I am writing on behalf of the Carlisle School Organic Garden Initiative team to announce the launch of the School Organic Garden and Compost Project. The team is grateful for the interest and support of Principal/Superintendent, Joyce Mehaffey, Principal Patrice Hurley, School Facility Manager, David Flannery, Food Services Director, Sue Robichaud, and School Building Committee Chair, Lee Storrs.

This past winter, the Carlisle School Association awarded a $1000 grant for the creation of a school garden this spring. The grant was submitted by Kindergarten teacher, Mimi Chandler and parent/master gardener, Kathy Balles. Subsequently, a team of interested teachers, students and community members formed and met with the School Recycling Committee to present an expanded proposal that included composting, an idea originally proposed by Carlisle students in the spring of 2009. A study group to explore the possibility of increasing the use of local foods in the school lunch program was also recommended as part of the project.

If you saw the photo in last Friday’s Mosquito, you know that the composting project is already underway at the school kitchen (PHOTOS). Carlisle School Food Services Director and avid home composter, Sue Robichaud, was eager to get started right away by composting kitchen leftovers. This compost will turn food waste into nutrient-rich soil that will feed the organic garden.

Plans are underway to install the garden beds and begin construction of the compost bins in late summer/early fall, based on the school construction schedule. We are in the process of forming volunteer teams for each component of the project: communications and community outreach, graphic design, fund-raising, donations of building materials, installing and maintaining the garden beds, compost bin construction, and the local food use in the lunch program study group. We welcome all interested volunteers – parents, students, and community members. If you would like to participate in any capacity or if you would like additional information about the project, email: Our team is currently 16 people strong. We hope you’ll join us and help “grow” this community project!

Launa Zimmaro

Lowell Street

Pass It Forward thanks

To the Editor:

I thank everyone who donated items during the eighth annual Pass It Forward Day at the Transfer Station this past Saturday. Thanks to Gary Davis, Jimmy Woods and Chris Sireen. Once again, thanks to Jane Anderson for coordinating with the Household Recycling Committee and making the sign at the rotary and to Steve Herbst and Elena Herbst for shuttling items to the distribution center in my garage.

Thank you to all the representatives from BKP, Building Materials Resource Center, Cradles to Crayons, Domestic Violence Victims’ Assistance Program, Gleason Library, Household Goods Recycling Ministry, and Lowell Humane Society who were there. Other participating charities were Acton Community Supper, Big Brother Big Sister, Carlisle Council on Aging, Concord Players, Concord Poetry Center, Discovery Museum, FRS, MIT’s International Students Program, Rowe Camp, Schoharie River Center, St. Irene’s, and VA Hospitals in Bedford and Springfield.

It’s not too late to donate items. If you have adult clothing, floor lamps, room-size rugs, a rolling TV stand, molded plastic lawn chairs, a folding round table, cell phones, cordless phones, an answering machine, a DVD player, a paper shredder, a GPS system, large electric coffee pots, tools, or Corelle dishes, call me anytime at 1-978-369-5236.

Mary Zoll

Director, Pass It Forward, 2010

Teachers’ Luncheon a success

To the Editor:

As co-chairs of the Spring Teachers’ Appreciation Luncheon at the Carlisle Public School last week, we wish to thank everyone who helped make this event such a success. It is truly a joy to witness the number of parents who seize the opportunity to put their culinary (or purchasing) skills to work to help show the teachers and staff how much we appreciate their hard work. What a spread of magnificent food, along with charming decor and abundant beverages! Thanks to the dozens of families who supplied food, beverages or monetary donations to make this event so fantastic, and special thanks to our decorating crew, our set-up crew, our serving crew and certainly not least, our clean-up crew, who stayed and washed dishes long after the fun was over. Additionally, we couldn’t have managed without the professional custodial and kitchen staff at the school who allowed us to take over their facilities for the day; and none of it would have been so lovely without the extremely generous floral donations from the Quinlan family. We were proud and honored to be part of this memorable afternoon.

Co-Chairs Nancy West and Lori Brown

Thanks to garden helpers

To the Editor:

The Carlisle Garden Club would like to acknowledge the help of the Green Lawn Company of Chelmsford. Without their assistance the rotary and the area in front of the Town Hall would be dry and dusty places. Each spring Green Lawn visits and restarts the irrigation systems for these areas. In the fall they return to winterize them. They provide this service to the Town Hall at a generous discount and to the rotary, maintained by the Garden Club, at no charge. The assistance of these generous neighbors keeps some of our most prominent areas looking attractive and healthy.

Jane Anderson

Baldwin Road

Carlisle Garden Club

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