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Friday, June 11, 2010

CCHS feasibility study gets final go-ahead

Funding for the Concord-Carlisle High School (CCHS) renovation feasibility study and schematic design were approved by a 4-1 margin at Concord’s Special Town Election on Tuesday, June 8, passing the last hurdle needed for the work to go forward. There were 1,809 votes in favor and 450 against, with about 19% of Concord voters participating. Approvals had ...more

Selectmen okay Ferns’ seating in split decision

The Carlisle Board of Selectmen voted to permit Ferns to provide indoor seating to patrons, pending the Carlisle Board of Health (BOH) approval under the existing site plan, at the June 8 meeting in a 3-2 vote. The BOH agreed to the indoor seating later that evening. Selectmen Doug Stevenson, Bill Tice, and Peter Scavongelli voted in favor while Chair John ...more

Town begins Affordable Housing Production Plan update

The Affordable Housing Production Plan (AHPP) committee is about to begin the process of determining how Carlisle’s affordable housing goals will be met for the next five years. After the Benfield development is built, should units be added at the Village Court senior housing? What about affordable accessory apartments, or housing for those with mental disabilities? ...more

Ferns asks for town alcohol carry-in policy

Should Carlisle have a bylaw allowing people to bring alcoholic beverages to public meeting places? That idea is just in the discussion stages by the Selectmen right now. Ferns proprietor Larry Bearfield has hired attorney Dave Galvin, Carlisle’s former police chief, to investigate the issue. The two appeared before the Selectmen on June 8 to share information ...more

TALL ORDER. Workers from Colonial Barn Restoration Inc. of Bolton have started sprucing up the silo at Clark Farm on Concord Street. See page 9 for a drawing of the barn and silo by artist Phyllis Hughes. (Photo by Ellen Huber)

A Carlisle icon says goodbye to the town she has served for many years

For those of us who have lived in Carlisle for a long time, imagining the town without long-time resident and artist Phyllis Hughes is almost impossible. Since 1967, when she, her husband Chuck and their children moved to a home on Acton Street, this talented and creative woman has been involved in many aspects of Carlisle life. However, times are changing. ...more

(Drawing by Phyllis Hughes)

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