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Friday, June 11, 2010


Outstanding Carlisle students awarded scholarships for 2009-2010

Recipients of the Debbie Wright Scholarship from the Carlisle Garden Club are (second from left) Jennifer Perugini, who will attend Notre Dame, and (to Perugini’s left) Christopher Duffy, who will attend SUNY College of Agriculture and Technology at Cobleskill (NY). Flanking them are (left) Elizabeth Acquaviva, chair of the scholarship committee and (right) outgoing Garden Club President Jane Coleman Williams. (Photo by Lois d’Annunzio)

The Concord Carlisle Scholarship Fund Trustees are pleased to announce that the following Carlisle students have been awarded scholarships for the 2010-2011 academic year.

The Bean Family Scholarship*: Rachel Dumka
The Carlisle Garden Club Debbie Wright Scholarship: Christopher Duffy and Jennifer Perugini
The Carlisle Old Home Day Scholarship: Jessica Li and Kathleen Orlando
The Concord Carlisle Scholarship Fund*: Philip Dumka, Patrick Fantasia, Erin Hassey, Lauren Kirkness, Dillon Mariano, Kathleen Orlando. Evan Tierney, Benjamin Verrill and Kathleen Walsh

The Concord Children’s Center Scholarship: Kathleen Orlando
The Wilson Flight Scholarship*: Randy Chin
The Margaret Haggerty Scholarship*: Marcus Kulik
The Wells A. Hall Memorial Scholarship*: Dylan Benkley
The Christopher Hentchel-WIQH Scholarship*: Marcus Kulik
The Anna M. Holland Fund #1**: Dillon Mariano
The Seitaro & Shina Ishihara Memorial Scholarship*: Rachel Dumka
The Casper C. Jenney & Eleanor M. Jenney Memorial Scholarship *: Dylan Benkley and Randy Chin
The Norton Levy Scholarship *: Dylan Benkley
The Adrian A. Martinez Memorial Scholarship*: Philip Lavely
The Albert L. & June B. Powers Scholarship*: Juliana Kulik
The Rivercrest – Deaconess – Newbury Court Award: Jennifer Perugini
The United Women’s Club of Concord Scholarship: Christopher Duffy and Jennifer Perugini
The Walden Woods Project Scholarship**: Thornton Ritz
The David R. Wooden Memorial – Veterans of Foreign Wars Scholarship: Kathleen Orlando

Editor’s note

• Scholarships marked with one asterisk are managed by the Concord Carlisle Scholarship Fund.
• Scholarships marked with two asterisks are managed by the Trustees of Town Donations of the Town of Concord.
• All other scholarships are managed by the named affiliate organization. ∆

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