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Friday, June 4, 2010

MRC plans fall flu clinics, weighs how to help troubled teens

Carlisle’s Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is already laying plans to repeat last winter’s town-wide flu vaccination clinic next fall, administering both seasonal flu and H1N1 vaccine.

The group was formed by the Board of Health in 2007 and is led by Executive Committee Chair Mary deAlderete, Board of Health (BOH) member Bill Risso, and BOH Agent Linda Fantasia. Carlisle’s MRC is part of a statewide and national network of local groups intended to organize medical professionals and lay volunteers in teams that would be available to help in “large scale” public health emergencies or disasters.

Planning for the fall clinic began at the May 26 MRC executive committee meeting, as Fantasia and member Donna Margulies told others what they learned about what had worked well at H1N1 clinics from a recent debriefing of representatives from most of the 34 towns in Carlisle’s region (Region 4A). Most towns reported a “positive” experience running the clinics, which in many cases had led to more collaboration between health and school departments, Fantasia said. Carlisle’s MRC executive committee hopes to use the school as a site for the vaccinations again. The group discussed strategies to try to avoid a surge in arrivals and to inform people waiting in line about the procedures, waiting times, etc.

How to help CCHS teens?

Also discussed at the MRC executive committee meeting was whether, as a Carlisle organization that includes health professionals, the MRC should try to help CCHS students cope with their reactions to a turbulent year at Concord-Carlisle High School (CCHS) that has seen bomb threats and two suicides. Possibilities mentioned included making mental health professionals available to teens, perhaps by setting up a hotline, or surveying teens about what activities they would prefer. No final decisions were made. (See list at right for resources.) ∆

Mental health services for teens and families

For a discussion of teen stress and depresssion, see “Carefree high school days? Not really,” by Cecile Sandwen in the April 15 Mosquito.

The Concord-Carlisle High School (CCHS) has provided the following list:

Local resources

• CCHS Guildance Department (1-978-341-2490 x 7109)

• Emerson Hospital (1-978-369-1400)

• Domestic Violence Victim Assistance Program (1-888-399-6111)

• Elliot Community Health Services (1-800-988-1111) or

Help for teens

• National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-TALK) (24 hrs).

• National Hope Line Network (1-800-SUICIDE)

• Covenant House Nine Line (1-800- 999-9999)

• Boston Emergency Screening Team (1-800-981-HELP)

• Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (1-800-841-8371)

• Fenway Community Health Center Peer Listening Line (Hotline for GLBT teens) (1-800-399-7337)

• Samaritans Teen Line (For Teens Only) (1-800-525-TEEN) (24hrs.)

Help for families

• Riverside Emergency Services Team 24-hr Crisis Line (1-800-529-5077)

• Parental Stress Line (1-800-632-8188) (24 hrs).

• Samaritans Hotline (1-617-247-0220) (24 hrs).

• Riverside Outpatient Center (1-617-969-4925)


Substance abuse treatment

• MA Substance Abuse Information and Education Help Line (1-800-327-5050)

• Substance Abuse Treatment Referral (1-800-662-HELP)

• Alcoholics Anonymous (Boston) (1-617-426-9444)

Additional web sites

• Needham ACTS – Parent Resources:

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