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Friday, June 4, 2010

Shorts from the Housing Authority meeting of May 27

Officers. Alan Lehotsky was re-elected chair of the Housing Authority when the group chose new officers at their meeting on May 27. Jim Bohn remained treasurer and Carolyn Ing became Secretary. Bohn will also be the representative on the Affordable Housing Trust with Carolyn Ing shadowing. Steve Pearlman remained Community Preservation Committee representative, with Lehotsky as alternate.

Vernal Pool. Carlisle Housing Coordinator Elizabeth Barnett has been monitoring the water level in the second vernal pool on the Benfield property since it was reported to the Housing Authority on April 16. According to Barnett, the pool that was five and a half-inches deep as of May 27 may have appeared after heavy March rains filled the depression left by a six-foot by six-foot boulder. The boulder shows evidence of having been moved within the past several years and is now located about 20 feet from the small pool.

The pool was not recorded on last year’s state-sponsored study of the property. In order for a pool to be considered a vernal pool it must meet specific criteria, such as standing for a length of time and containing amphibians, according to the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife National Heritage and Endangered Species Program website.

Tree survey. Barnett conducted a tree survey and counted 59 trees across the frontage of the proposed building site, exempting the trees that would be cut down for the proposed roadways.

Letter to ZBA. The Housing Authority planned to meet on Wednesday, June 2, to discuss the draft conditions put forth by the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) for the Benfield Farms affordable housing permit. The Housing Authority planned to write a letter with recommendations regarding the ZBA conditions for the board to consider before the hearing is closed on Friday, June 4. After the meeting, Lehotsky said that he expected the letter would reflect their concerns that the conditions not be overly expensive. He did not want the conditions to be a burden to the non-profit town-sponsored project. NOAH will apply to the state for funding. The first round of funding for which they will be eligible to apply will be in October and the following round will be next spring. Lehotsky said that after NOAH obtains funding, it will sign the formal ground lease with the town.

New member. Member Susan Stamps recently moved to Arlington and resigned, so the Housing Authority is actively seeking someone with real estate, construction or architecture experience to serve out the remainder of Stamps’ term. Contact Lehotsky for more information. ∆

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