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Friday, June 4, 2010

Carlisle students honored at CCHS awards ceremony


Boor, Sonia – Rensselear Award, U Rochester Bausch & Lomb Hon. Science Award, French, Mathematics, Orchestra, Mt. Holyoke Book Award, High Honor Roll

Brazina, Sloane – Social Studies, High Honor Roll

Brem, Julia – Chorus

Caddell, Valerie – Band

Callahan, Sydney – Chemistry, High Honor Roll

Cote, Dean – Sculpture

Diercks, Monica – Two-Dimensional Studies

Du, Robin – Spanish, Mathematics, Social Studies, Biology, 2 Volunteer President’s Service Award, High Honor Roll, Harvard Book Prize

Evans, Morgan – English, 2 Volunteer President’s Service Award, High Honor Roll

Fidler, Sean – Mathematics, Chemistry, High Honor Roll

Golson, Daniel – U Rochester Xerox Award for Innovation and Technology

Graham, Bolton (Bo) – Chorus

Hoffman, Margaret – Social Studies

King, Lucile – Mathematics, Band, Chemistry

Kinmonth, Alexander – Band

Lamere, Timothy – Biology, High Honor Roll

Makivic, Julia – Boston Globe Scholastic Art Award - Gold - Comic Art, U Rochester George Eastman Young Leaders Award, Social Studies, High Honor Roll

Margolies, Julie – Social Studies, Chemistry, High Honor Roll

Mayer, Jonathan – Social Studies

Morrison, Dixie – Brown Book Award, NCTE Award, English, Spanish, Social Studies, Princeton Book Award, High Honor Roll

Mundel, Stephanie – Band

O’Donnell, Laura – Photography

Parra, Benjamin – High Honor Roll Pauplis, Lauren – Regis College Book Award

Prentice, Maggie – Ceramics

Proctor, Devin – Digital Imaging

Randall, Emma – Chemistry, 2Volunteer President’s Service Award

Rayson, David – 2 Volunteer President’s Service Award, Concord Carlisle Community Chest Award, High Honor Roll, Williams College Book Award

Solomon, Michelle – English, Chemistry, Connecticut College Book Award, High Honor Roll

Tice, Lauren – Chemistry, High Honor Roll

Van Siclen, Michael – Mathematics

Veitch, Thomas – Joseph Regan Biology Award, English, Spanish, Mathematics, Band, Social Studies, Middlebury College Book Award, High Honor Roll

Walton, Mara – Photography, Physics, High Honor Roll

Xing, Kelly – Band

Yanofsky, David – Boston Globe Scholastic Art Award - Gold - Mixed Media, Photography


Belanger, Nicholas – Orchestra

Caffrey, Kyla – Health & Fitness

Clarke, Charlotte – Mathematics, High Honor Roll

Cox, Amelia – Boston Globe Scholastic Art Award - Hon. Ment. - Ceramics/Glass, English

Davis, James – Social Studies

Doig, Alexander – Boston Globe Scholastic Art Award - Hon. Ment. - Digital Art

Du, Arri – Health & Fitness

Duffy, Blake – Health & Fitness

Epstein, Marin – Health & Fitness

Guild, Caroline – High Honor Roll, Two-Dimensional Studies

Guttadauro, Owen – Rotary Youth Leadership Association Award (RYLA), Health & Fitness

Hart, Campbell – Mathematics, 2Volunteer President’s Service Award

Holland, Gibson – Social Studies

Hreib, Katherine – Health & Fitness, Band

Kodas, Aiden – Digital Imaging

Koning, Jonathan – Health & Fitness

Lelievre, Christian (Luke) – Health & Fitness

Lin, Allison – Orchestra, Health & Fitness

MacMullan, Melanie – Social Studies

Matthews, Leza – High Honor Roll

McNally, John – Health & Fitness

Merry, Hannah – Health & Fitness, High Honor Roll

Mosca, Brandon – Health & Fitness

Nunan, Brendan – High Honor Roll

Perko, Margaret – Health & Fitness

Petersen, Caitlin – Health & Fitness

Rizkin, Benjamin – 2Volunteer President’s Service Award

Robinson, Jennifer – Health & Fitness

Samman, Lilli – English, Band, Biology, 2 Volunteer President’s Service Award

Ursch, Jordan – Ceramics, Mathematics

Ursch, Julianne – Two-Dimensional Studies

Ventura, Teresa – High Honor Roll

White, Larry – 2Volunteer President’s Service Award

Wilcox, Margaret – Health & Fitness, Mathematics

Wu, Ileana – Health & Fitness, Band, Social Studies, High Honor Roll, Paula Sirois Poetry Award


Bergquist, Amy – Mathematics

Bishop, Rebecca – Two-Dimensional Studies

Bloomfield, James – Earth Science, High Honor Roll

Carey, Michelle – Health & Fitness, Mathematics, Band, High Honor Roll

Carr, Emilie – English

Chang, Abigail – Mathematics, Latin, Social Studies, High Honor Roll, Earth Science

Driscoll, Shannon – Two-Dimensional Studies

Gemelli, Stephen – Chorus

Grant, Paul – Video Production, Earth Science

Gray, Jacqueline – Mathematics

Japko, Matthew – High Honor Roll

Khayami, Jasmine – Chorus

Kodas, Maila – Mathematics, High Honor Roll

Kolstad, Anna – English, Chinese, Mathematics, Band, Social Studies, Biology, High Honor Roll

Liu, Catherine – Social Studies

Makivic, Michael – Video Production

Malis, Stephanie – Health & Fitness

Manganella, Sofia –Earth Science

Picard, Alexandar –Health & Fitness

Picard, Daniel – Health & Fitness

Ratcliffe, Megan – Social Studies

Sayde, Roxane – Social Studies

Smith, Emily – Chorus

St. Francis, Caroline – Architecture

Stropkay, Katrina – Social Studies, High Honor Roll, Photography

Tocci, Alaina – Architecture

Tocci, Lauren – Two-Dimensional Studies

Videlock-Prentice, Sadina – Chorus

Vilain, Camilla – Earth Science, Mathematics

Ed note: Senior awards were listed in the May 28 Mosquito.

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