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Friday, June 4, 2010

School building project involves historic district

A portion of the Carlisle Historic District extends onto the grounds of the Carlisle
School at the intersection of School and Church Streets.

At the May 29 Carlisle School Building Committee (SBC) meeting Chair Lee Storrs reported on discussions with the Carlisle Historical Commission. Some of the school grounds are in the historic district, so plans to upgrade the site must be presented to the commission. A long driveway will be created from the parking lot to the upper plaza, giving fire trucks access to the school buildings. “They understand the need for the roadway” that leads from the parking lot up to the plaza, he explained, but they would like any roadways that are in the historic district to be permeable if possible.

Temporary play area

Carlisle School teachers have expressed concern about where the students will play during the two-year construction. Most of the current play area on the school plaza will be blocked off and the new construction will reach almost to the doorstep of the Spalding Building. Spalding will be demolished after the replacement building is completed, creating a new plaza and play space. Until that step is done the students will not have access to the plaza.

An area adjacent to the Carlisle Castle at the corner of Church and School Streets could be used as a temporary play space, explained Storrs. A triangular piece of that land is in the historic district, however. Storrs explained the need for the play space to the commission and that a small amount of brush would be cleared to make it usable. The commission was comfortable with the concept, he reported. Storrs said a temporary fence would be erected. The commission requested the fencing should be “a snow fence and must be dark green,” he said. “When we have the detailed designs we will come back to them.” ∆


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