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Friday, June 4, 2010

Desperately seeking pools

To the Editor:

We still are in need of pools for our Summer Program. As of May 27, we do not have any pools donated for this summer.

If you can donate any time between June 28 and August 6 to assist us in offering swim lessons to the summer program participants, it would be greatly appreciated.

If you are able to donate some pool time to the town, we would add you to the town’s insurance for the duration of the pool use.

If you have any questions, please call at 1-978-369-9815 or send an email to

Thank you!

Holly Hamilton Mansfield

Director of Recreation

Restrain your dog around birds

To the Editor:

A friend called on May 27 to say that she had seen a Killdeer family, two adults and four chicks, at the Banta-Davis soccer field. When we arrived there the next morning we found the Killdeer, being chased by a dog. We asked the owner to please restrain her dog, and she did.

Some birds, including Killdeer, Spotted Sandpiper and Bobolink build their nests on the ground. The eggs and young birds of these species are susceptible to many predators, including cats and dogs. If you are in areas where such birds are nesting, such as the Cranberry Bog (Killdeer and Spotted Sandpiper), Towle Field (Bobolink) and Banta-Davis, please keep dogs under control. Dogs can stress the adult birds and their young, making the birds more vulnerable to other predators. Thank you for your consideration.

D’Ann and Tom Brownrigg

Acton Street

In the spirit of recycling and Pass It Forward Day

To the Editor:

As the summer season begins, and another Pass It Forward Day is held at the Transfer Station this year, I’d like the community to think of the living creatures in greater Carlisle who have been cast aside, thrown out on the street, or otherwise neglected. They too are in need of being “recycled” into a better living environment. These are not inanimate objects that are kept in closets, garages, attics and sheds. These animals need a second chance as well.

Two of our many local shelters have pets who having been waiting, waiting, and waiting for a forever home, in particular some of the adult cats. Both of these shelters have web sites so that current pets waiting for adoption can be viewed. They are the Billerica Care Coalition and The Lowell Humane Society

So as this Pass It Forward Day approaches and items are being discarded from your home, welcome in a “gently used” pet in the space that has been created.

Donna Barach

River Road

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