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Friday, May 28, 2010

Benfield hearings end in sight

The Carlisle Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) hopes to finalize a set of conditions for development of the Benfield Farms senior housing project within the next few weeks. Although the affordable project is proceeding in partnership with the town, the developer, NOAH, is required to obtain a comprehensive permit under the state’s 40B law. The permit is issued ...more

Selectmen updated on Highland stabilization

Summarizing the difficult decisions made by the Highland Stabilization Committee, committee member Bob Stone addressed the May 25 Selectmen’s meeting. “We will be applying for a Building Permit but will never apply for an Occupancy Permit.” The Selectmen’s charge to the committee had been to stabilize the building and Highland will not meet code requirements ...more

Gleason Public Library celebrates another milestone

Gone is the scaffolding that covered much of the front of the building during the repairs, as well as the temporary fencing to keep young and old from wandering through the construction. On May 22 Carlisle residents were invited to celebrate the completion of the renovation and repair to the Gleason Public Library. ...more


Sandy Eisenbies was incorrectly identified on the Election Day photo on page 1 in last week’s issue. The Mosquito regrets the error. ...more

RecCom looks at trail to Spalding

The Recreation Commission (RecCom) would like to improve the trail linking the Spalding and Banta-Davis athletic fields. RecCom member Jeff Bloomfield met recently with the Trails Committee to discuss the idea, and reported back to the RecCom on May 17. The boardwalk that is part of the trail has been frequently under water for the past several years. In order ...more

Selectmen shorts, May 25

Selectmen reorganize. In opening the May 25 meeting Selectman John Williams welcomed newly elected John Gorecki and thanked Tim Hult for his nine years of service on the board. In reorganizing, Williams was elected as Chair, Doug Stevenson as Vice Chair and Bill Tice as Clerk. ...more

Planning Board moves forward after election

At its May 24 meeting the Planning Board welcomed new member Jeff Johnson and he volunteered to represent the town on MAGIC (Minuteman Advisory Group on Interlocal Coordination) where town representatives report on major issues in their respective towns. As part of its reorganization after the town election, David Freedman was reelected as chair and will have ...more

Carlisle School Committee meeting treated to live music

Although budget and policy often dominate the agenda, on May 19 the Carlisle School Committee (CSC) was charmed by two live performances. Eighth-graders Tori Forelli and Monica Chen sang a duet, accompanied by Choral Director Megan Fitzharris Harlow. Then, Emma Marshall and Lauren Rayson, eighth graders in the Concert Band, performed a duet on trombone and ...more

Carlisle students shine in two math leagues

Last week at the Carlisle School Committee meeting, several students were recognized for their superior performance in two math leagues. ...more

Carlisle School District’s 2009-2010 goals reviewed

At the Carlisle School Committee meeting last week, Superintendent Marie Doyle gave a report on progress toward this year’s District Goals to: “1. Provide a rich curriculum in order to maximize student learning; 2. Build a community of respect in a safe and healthy learning environment; 3. Integrate technology; 4. Meet space needs and manage the resources ...more

Officials visit Carlisle on search for safer turtle crossings

Crossing the road is hazardous for humans but can be especially difficult for turtles, salamanders and small animals. Making movement across roads safe for small animals such as turtles was the subject of a recent meeting in Concord by the SuAsCoShaw Watershed Network, after which the group took a field trip to Carlisle to observe known turtle crossing sites, ...more

Land stewards foster dialog among town’s conservation groups

The 15 men and women gathered at the May 17 meeting of the Land Stewardship Committee (LSC) have long worked to protect and manage Carlisle’s open space. The volunteers represented several different conservation groups, including: the Carlisle Conservation Commission (ConsCom), Carlisle Conservation Foundation (CCF), Conservation Restriction Advisory Committee ...more

Minuteman takes initiative on bullying

At Minuteman Career & Technical High School in Lexington, Margie Daniels, Executive Director of Middlesex Partnerships for Youth (MPY), spoke to the staff recently about the causes of and responses to bullying. MPY is a non-profit organization which provides prevention and intervention resources, as well as training and programming to schools and communities. ...more

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