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Friday, May 28, 2010

Minuteman takes initiative on bullying

At Minuteman Career & Technical High School in Lexington, Margie Daniels, Executive Director of Middlesex Partnerships for Youth (MPY), spoke to the staff recently about the causes of and responses to bullying. MPY is a non-profit organization which provides prevention and intervention resources, as well as training and programming to schools and communities.

According to Minuteman Dean of Students Brian Tildsley, bullying has been a “minimal” problem in the ten years that he has been associated with the school. Staff members are given specific instructions annually and receive guidance in professional development sessions.

Daniels gave the Minuteman teachers and administrators additional strategies to implement. In an interview, she noted that she is “a big believer in a positive school climate where there is respect for everyone and everyone is included.” Having that type of an atmosphere, Daniels believes, can be “the best prevention” against bullying. Popular online social networking technology facilitates bullying, said Daniels. She said, when kids come forward as “good citizens” to report bullying they see, thereby showing a clear understanding that it is unacceptable, they can really help to turn the tide against it. ∆

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