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Friday, May 28, 2010

Carlisle students shine in two math leagues

Last week at the Carlisle School Committee meeting, several students were recognized for their superior performance in two math leagues.

The Continental Math League (CML) is a national competition and was given to all Carlisle seventh- and eighth-grade honors students, and all fifth- and sixth-grade students. Students take five 30-minute tests. Each test has six questions and tests are given roughly once a month. Students with the highest cumulative score in their grade across the five exams received awards.

The eighth-grade team received an award for coming in first place in Region 1, which includes six states. Eighth-grade teacher Rob Quaden said, “Eighth- grader Caroline Lu gets two awards.” He explained she had the highest score among her Carlisle classmates and “she scored perfectly in all questions. She will get a national medal.”

Students with the highest scores in each grade from fifth to seventh also received awards. Susan Brinner presented an award to seventh-grader Chang Ming Xu. Bill Gale presented awards to sixth- graders Alex Goodisman and Max Bohn who tied for the highest score and Alan Ticotsky presented awards to fifth graders Claire Brandhorst and Nina He who also tied for best score.

Intermediate Math League of Eastern Massachusetts

A second math league that Carlisle participates in is the Intermediate Math League of Eastern Massachusetts (IMLEM). It is a local competition that includes about 60 schools from Ipswich to Framingham. Teams have five meets a year. The league is broken into ten clusters, based on the average of the last three years’ scores. Math Specialist Liz Perry explained that Carlisle is in the second cluster from the top and “we placed second this year.” Students are given awards for the highest score in their grade level, and for a perfect score at four of the five meets.

Quaden gave awards to sixth-grader Alex Goodisman who placed first and Daniel Lu who placed eighth among sixth-graders. Quaden noted, “There is good talent coming up here.”

“We’re very proud of our team. We have approximately 30 students that give up their lunch and recess to practice math problems. It’s nice when they get these awards,” said Perry.

Doyle said, “I just wanted to say how proud I am of these students . . . We have a really good pool of students going into STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering and Math] careers. I want to thank the teachers for promoting excellent curriculum and excellent foundations. And they make math fun.” ∆

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