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Friday, May 28, 2010

Carlisle School Committee meeting treated to live music

Although budget and policy often dominate the agenda, on May 19 the Carlisle School Committee (CSC) was charmed by two live performances. Eighth-graders Tori Forelli and Monica Chen sang a duet, accompanied by Choral Director Megan Fitzharris Harlow. Then, Emma Marshall and Lauren Rayson, eighth graders in the Concert Band, performed a duet on trombone and French horn respectively. Both duos had received gold at the Massachusetts Instrumental Choral and Conductors Association (MICCA) Ensemble and Solo Festival a few weeks earlier. Superintendent Marie Doyle thanked Harlow and Band Director Kevin Maier for their winning gold and presented certificates to both.

Committee reorganization. Since the meeting was the first after Town Election, the new CSC was seated and officers were chosen. Chad Koski was elected to be chair of the committee once again and Bill Fink was elected vice chair. Claire Wilcox will continue to be the School Committee Recording Secretary and Susan Pray will continue as Treasurer for the school district.

Louis Salemy will continue to be one representative to the Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee (RSC) and he will chair the RSC in the fall. Fink will join him as the second Carlisle representative. Fink said he is interested in helping with the high school building project since he had just been through the process as a member of the Carlisle School Building Committee. “I hope to help with communication to Carlisle as much as I can . . . It’s a very important project both financially as well as educationally.”

Further appointments to committees will be made at the next meeting since Josh Kablotsky, the new school committee member, was not present.

CSC schedule. Earlier in the year, consultants had suggested the CSC switch from the current twice-a-month meeting schedule to meeting once a month. Both Koski and Salemy agreed. Tentatively, meetings will now be held on the first Wednesday of the month. If a second meeting is needed, it will be scheduled for the third Wednesday of the month. Wilcox will bring a schedule to the next meeting to be voted on.

• Enrollment. Updated data was distributed (see table at right), which shows that the student population stands at 700, down slightly from 703 in January. The fall enrollment is predicted to be 673. Three classes are planned for the 47 students entering kindergarten.

Child of staff not accepted. Children of non-faculty staff members will not be given permission to enroll at the school. A non-faculty staff member who lives out of town had requested permission to enroll her child. However, after some discussion, it was decided not to move this motion. Several committee members did not want to set a precedent by letting one child of a non-faculty employee into the school system, for fear that it might lead to greater operating costs in the future.

Koski said that he would not want extra children tipping the enrollment numbers so that classes would need an aide or another class section. CSC member Mary Storrs pointed out that the request specified that it would not cause further expense. Salemy and Koski countered that it could become a more difficult problem in the future with other requests once a precedent has been set. Salemy said, “We have to do our part to keep the operating costs under control.” ∆

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