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Friday, May 28, 2010

Selectmen updated on Highland stabilization

Summarizing the difficult decisions made by the Highland Stabilization Committee, committee member Bob Stone addressed the May 25 Selectmen’s meeting. “We will be applying for a Building Permit but will never apply for an Occupancy Permit.” The Selectmen’s charge to the committee had been to stabilize the building and Highland will not meet code requirements for an Occupancy Permit without further renovation.

The committee members, the architect Menders, Torrey and Spencer, and the Town Building Inspector John Luther had to make recommendations and decisions with that clear focus in mind. Stone said, “We have three challenges: make provision for a fire protection system, stabilize the building, and develop a concept for future use.” See Carlisle Mosquito, February 5, 2010,”Highland Committee clarifies stabilization project scope.”

Present plans are to strip off old shingles, install an insulating layer, replace shingles, re-flash the chimney, replace the roof with 30-year life-expectancy shingles, replace the front porch, and paint the building. These stabilization features are not expected to change once a final use for the building is decided. Stone indicated that siding and window frames have lead-based paint and lead paint abatement will be required. An expected $22,000 expense for installing new storm windows may have only short-term value, until full renovation is done. For this reason, there is reluctance to do more work on windows until the end use and design are defined.

Consultation with a fire protection specialist led to the conclusion that the cost of a temporary fire protection system would be “exorbitant” and it would have to be “ripped out” to accommodate final renovation. The fire protection system for Highland will be deferred until the new school system is on-line that will be sized to accommodate the additional 6,000 square feet load. A tie-in will be made from the Robbins Building.

Timing is going to be important. Stone said that bids for the stabilization work are due on June 11 and a prompt award will be made. It is expected to be an eight to 10 week project. Workers will have full access to the site but if work is not completed before start of school, access will be limited. ∆

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