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Friday, May 28, 2010

Thanks from Bearfield

To the Editor:

I want to express my appreciation to the many folks who supported me during my quest for election to the Board of Selectmen. Having a firm grasp on our local issues, it was rewarding to talk with so many folks and dig even deeper into the concerns voiced by our residents. Folks are justifiably nervous and I urge everyone to step up, speak out and get involved!

Ultimately, people make choices. And many let others make those choices for them. At Town Meeting about 200 folks made decisions for our 3,550 registered voters. And at the polls last Tuesday, 24.9% made the decisions for our 3,550 registered voters to raise our taxes and elect our Public Officials. That’s democracy in action. It’s what our freedoms are all about. I support that concept but not the part about voters abdicating their responsibility to participate. Maybe we can work on that here in Town.

Meanwhile, I truly appreciate all of the emails and kind words offered – and the terrific support given to me during this interesting campaign. It’s the kindness we’ve witnessed day in and day out at the store. Thank you for that.

I also offer my congratulations to our newest Selectman John Gorecki. I wish him all the best. And I pledge my support to him and to all of our Town officials to help get us where we need to be.

Thank you!

Larry Bearfield

North Road

OHD needs your support

To the Editor:

We had hoped we could keep our costs down this year by eliminating a number of items. But here we are, one month away and we are way short of funds to meet our budget commitments.

For those of you who haven’t had a chance yet to donate to Old Home Day please do what you can and mail a contribution to: Old Home Day, 90 Page Brook Road.

Dave and Florence Reed

Page Brook Road

Garden Club is grateful

To the Editor:

The Carlisle Garden Club would like to acknowledge the help of Foster Landscape Construction of Bolton in mulching the rotary in Carlisle center. Getting mulch into the rotary is a difficult job since there is no adjacent parking. Each year Kevin Foster and his crew come to our rescue. The Garden Club receives many compliments on the appearance and much of this is due to their assistance.

Jane Anderson

Baldwin Road

An alternative to OWL

To the Editor:

Recently a local church announced in the Carlisle Mosquito a teen sexuality education class to take place in the fall. This program, that uses the UUA book OWL Sexuality Education for Grades 7 to 9 by Pamela M. Wilson, is known as “comprehensive” sex education. This sounds good. However, after reading the book cover-to-cover, I felt very uncomfortable with the material presented for young teenagers, and I actually was shocked at behaviors that were suggested. There is a section that talks about biology, and that is very good. This is the only section I feel is useful.

My strong recommendation to a parent whose child may be included in this class is to get a copy of the book and read through some of it to see if it’s the sort of sex education you feel is helpful.

A much better choice is one of the so-called abstinence programs. These programs do deal with contraception and STDs as well as strongly encouraging abstinence for teenagers. I visited First Concern of Clinton, Massachusetts to learn about their abstinence program, “Stop and Think.” They find that young people actually apply the idea of stop and think to other parts of their lives as well. This program is given in two or three sessions of about one hour each and is free. First Concern is funded by donations.

Sally J. Naumann

Lowell Street

Chorus says thanks

To the Editor:

On behalf of the Concord Women’s Chorus I would like to express our appreciation and thanks for the wonderful article published in the April 9th Mosquito highlighting the 50 year history of the CWC and also thanking the community for their support by attending our sell out performance. We received three standing ovations and our 50th anniversary concert was a great success.

Cynthia Nunan

Maple Street

One of “The Treasures of Carlisle”

To the Editor:

Recently, I had a bit of car trouble on my way to collect my son and another boy from the CCHS turf fields. As I emerged from my car a guy whom I didn’t know was immediately offering to help. Wouldn’t you know - he was from Carlisle!

Tony was there to collect his daughter, Melissa, from her practice and ultimately he drove us all back to Carlisle. Thank you, Tony! On the way home I found out that this Good Samaritan grew up in Carlisle and had been a Boy Scout Master - not surprising as most Carlisleans that I encounter have a strong sense of community and a zest for volunteering!

June 26 and 27 represent Carlisle’s Old Home Day - an event that embodies all that is good with our town; volunteerism and community. This year’s theme is “The Treasures of Carlisle” - I offer for your consideration our #1 Treasure: its people – us! Do what you can this year to make this celebration a success- make a donation, volunteer – and above all, attend! This party is for you!

Liz Bishop

Kimball Road

Ed. note: Liz Bishop is a member of the Old Home Day Committee.

“Being Present in Difficult Times”

To the Editor:

Are you feeling overwhelmed by recent events in Concord? Would you like to know what you can do, what resources are out there, and learn more about depression? Adults of all ages and older students, please join the Concord Carlisle Parents Initiative (CCPI) on June 1 from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Harvey Wheeler Community Center, 1276 Main Street, West Concord, for an evening entitled “Being Present in Difficult Times: A Community-Wide Event For All Ages About Raising Awareness About Depression, Suicide, and Substance Abuse.”

The evening’s goal is to help disseminate information that can help heal, guide, and prevent further tragedy. You will leave with a better understanding of the warning signs of depression and how to get help if you are concerned about yourself or someone else.

The main speaker will be Deborah Helms, Director of the Samaritans of Merrimack Valley. After Ms. Helms’ presentation there will be short presentations by representatives from the Family Awareness Program, an organization focused on depression awareness, and the Eliot Center, a local non-profit human services organization. There will be an opportunity for questions and answers following the presentations. Representatives from the organizations will be available afterwards for further discussion.

If you’d like more information, go to;; and

Hope to see you on June 1.

Louisa Paushter

CCPI Publicity

Another summer program

To the Editor,

  I agree that Carlisle needs good after-school and summer options for middle schoolers. I am glad that the Carlisle Mosquito quoted me as supporting the possible Recreation Commission program, but I also would like parents to know that Carlisle Kids’ House (“CKH”) has recently started a new middle school program. 

  The new CKH program is launching this summer with a middle-school only camp for the “gap weeks” right after school gets out (June 28 to July 2) and just before school starts (August 23 to September 3). 

  The CKH middle school camp will provide active fun with other middle schoolers, teambuilding games, leadership development and community service opportunities. The first gap week camp will focus on Old Home Day activities, and will include a field trip to Canobie Lake.

  The CKH middle school camp is flexible – students can attend for a full week or single or multiple days.  The camp is also affordable – the cost for a full day is $50.

  For the middle of the summer, a counselor-in-training (“CIT”) option is available. Again, it is flexible, allowing students to attend for one or multiple days, and is affordable - $40 per day.

  For the school year, CKH will be running a program located in newly designed space reserved exclusively for middle schoolers. The school year program is designed to develop independence and connection to the community. Teachers will provide supervised homework and computer time, and guidance for individual projects, hobbies, and interests.  CKH plans to have special middle school programs for early release days, professional days, and vacation weeks. The program is flexible, and the cost is 1/2 of the school-age CKH rates.

  For more information, please contact Debi Vigilant, the new Director of CKH, at 978-369-5558.  Information about the middle school program will soon be on the CKH website:

  We would be happy to have your middle schooler join us!

 Kelly Guarino

Carlisle Kids’ House Middle School Committee Member

Thanks to Tim Hult

To the Editor:

I wish to publicly thank Tim Hult for his years of visionary service to Carlisle and beyond.

Tim listened and cared and no issue was ever too small or too overwhelming. But, perhaps most of all, Tim believed in doing the right thing for the general public and for our future citizens. And, he realized that doing the right thing can and often does, by example, influence what happens at the state and national levels as well.

Tim leaves a legacy that should make us all proud. His vision will help improve life well beyond the borders of the town. Thanks, Tim.

Mike Hanauer

Long Ridge Road

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