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Friday, May 28, 2010


Carlisle varsity athletes play key roles on CCHS spring sports teams

Boys varsity lacrosse team ranked 12th in state

Varsity lacrosse senior T. Ritz charges down the field. (Courtesy Photo)

With a current record of 13-3 as of May 25, the 2010 Concord-Carlisle boys varsity lacrosse team has had an exceptional season, solidifying their reputation as an spectacular high school team. Currently, the varsity team is ranked 12th in the state. Recently, the lacrosse team competed in some very intense games.

Varsity seniors from Carlisle include Eric Debruzzi, Dylan Mariano and Thornton Ritz. During their match against Reading, Concord-Carlisle won in triple overtime, with a few players who played the entire game with few to no breaks. The team clinched the DCL title during the game against Weston, scoring the winning goal with less than 20 seconds left on the clock. During the match against Wellesley, Concord-Carlisle won in overtime. The Wellesley game qualified Concord-Carlisle for the playoffs.

The lacrosse team is looking forward to the State Tournament where they have a history of performing at their best. The team is about the same as last year, with the exception of zero players who qualified as All-Americans. However, there are many more sophomores on the varsity team, making the Concord-Carlisle varsity lacrosse team very strong, and ensuring the team a successful future. ∆

Girls tennis team looks strong heading into the postseason


Senior varsity lacrosse players (left to right) Katie Mills, Hillary Cook and Krista Stengrevics. (Photo by Susan Mills)

The Concord-Carlisle girls tennis team played a strong season again this year, winning all eight of their Dual County League Small School games. Varsity player and senior Emma Caroline Materne of Carlisle played doubles. Also from Carlisle is sophomore Isabel Materne and freshman Emily Durlacher. Captains Bridget Schelzi and Katie Wheeler of Concord competed in singles and doubles, respectively. Coach Doc Furey admits that it was an interesting start to the season, because in the first time in many years, the team had matches over vacation. In addition, many varsity athletes were not able to attend the first three matches of the season due to the school band trip to Japan.

Unfortunately, the first few matches were against some of the toughest opponents in the DCLs, including Acton-Boxborough and Westford. However, the team was able to come back from the difficult start to win all of their DCL Small games. One particular match, against Newton South (a DCL Large team) tested the strength of the team. Although CCHS ended up losing, the final score was three to two; a respectable score when competing against a large school.

Coach Furey believes that the team will be able to perform equally as well in the post-season tournament as last year’s team did, making it into the regional finals. Five out of the 13 varsity athletes will be graduating this year, leaving a gap in the team for next year. Coach Furey comments that the loss of the two captains, Katie and Bridget, will be especially felt, since they bring much energy and enthusiasm to the team. The post-season tournament will be held the second week in June. ∆

Boys tennis team hungry to repeat as state champions

Concord-Carlisle’s tennis team is one of the most successful varsity teams in the high school. As the best high school tennis team in Massachusetts, having won the state championship for the past two years, the team is confident in their ability to grasp the 2010 first place trophy as well.

Claiming the spot as the seeded number two singles player, senior Jay Berajawala has had an extremely successful season, along with senior Alex Japko, who is seeded at number three. Senior Alec Ahee, plays doubles in the number one spot on the team. He and his partner just won the MIAA North sectional tournament, and their goal is to win the state championships.

Junior Erik Dinardo plays doubles in the number two spot on the team. On junior varsity, Matt Japko, a freshman, is seeded as the number two single, and Alex Schmidt, a sophomore, plays on the number one JV doubles team. The team’s roster is very strong every year, and the team’s repeated success keeps the players motivated and ready to play hard. ∆

Girls lacrosse team perseveres through a tough season

This spring, the Concord-Carlisle girls lacrosse team was able to make it into the post-season tournament, with a total of eleven wins and seven losses. The team hasn’t yet learned the location of their first tournament game.

After recovering from an injury, captain and senior Hillary Cook of Carlisle played a strong season, starting at midfield taking the draw. A vital player and scorer, Hillary will be missed next year. Junior Lindsay Cook, number 13, also started at midfield, took the draw, and scored many goals. Senior Krista Stengrevics, number 2, played at low attack, with multiple goals this season. Junior Michelle Picard, number 24, was also a valuable low attack player, but unfortunately was out with an injury for part of the season. Sophomore Marin Epstein started at low defense, making many interceptions throughout the season. Sophomore Caroline Guild played low defense, low attack, and midfield. Goalkeepers Melissa Mariano and senior Katie Mills played as a very strong team, contributing to the team’s success.

It took the team a while to coalesce because of the many new players on the team, but by the end of the season they were working well together.

The tenth game of the season against Waltham was a turning point in the season. “We were losing at the half,” says Coach Alison Furey, “and in the second half we were able to put it together and we have been playing well for the rest of the season.”

Coach Furey is hopeful that the team will be able to make it to the second game in the tournament this year, and is even more optimistic about next year, with such a large number of seasoned players returning. ∆

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