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Friday, May 21, 2010

Carlisle School construction project to begin

Architect, OPM contracts approved

With the green light from Carlisle voters and contracts recently signed, the Carlisle School Building Committee (SBC) is getting a jump-start on construction this summer. The Board of Selectmen (BOS) on May 10 signed amended contracts to continue architectural and project management services for the Carlisle School building project approved by voters in April. In a bid to save costs and time, work on utility services will begin this summer in preparation for winter construction. In total, it should take approximately two years from start of construction to the move-in date of September, 2012 (see Table 1).

Architects and OPM

The Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) requires towns to hire an Owner Project Manager (OPM) to coordinate and oversee design and construction during any large school building project. Sean Fennell, of Daedalus Projects, Inc., was hired as the OPM for the building project in the fall of 2008 and jumped in almost immediately. Much of his work to date has been coordinating between the state and the SBC and working with the architects. “Regarding the day-to-day construction operations,” said SBC Chair Lee Storrs, “Daedalus will have a clerk-of-the-works on site. We have not designated a point of contact from the school yet but will do so in the coming months.”

HMFH Architects, Inc. completed the schematic design this winter and will be responsible for creating detailed design and construction documents and drawings in the coming months. The firm was chosen by the SBC based on the company’s experience with other school building projects and on their creation of the school’s 2005 Master Plan, at a cost of $50,000. To capitalize on HMFH’s familiarity with the school, the SBC received permission from the state to rehire HMFH. In addition, explained Storrs, “the MSBA determined the Master Plan work took the place of the Feasibility Study and they moved us to Schematic Design in the spring of 2009.”

The original contracts for HMFH Architects and Daedalus Projects, Inc. contained only the feasibility and schematic design phase costs. The updated contracts outline the cost for architectural and business management services for the remainder of the project (see Table 2).

Early work to avoid delays

The SBC has reported that bids are being received for summer utility construction. The work involves relocating the gas and electrical lines under the plaza where the new building will be constructed. The lines will be moved to the rear of the Wilkins building.

HMFH is being paid $20,800 for its work on the summer project, out of the overall project contingency fund of $1,250,800. The fee covers “the additional work the architect must do to develop a separate stand-alone set of bid documents and additional bidding and construction administration services associated with a separate construction contract,” explained Storrs.

During SBC meetings the members expressed concern about scheduling utility work with the utility companies. “Based upon past experience in coordinating with utilities, we felt that it made sense to have this work done prior to the larger project to avoid the potential delays to the overall project by a third party (the utility companies),” said Storrs. “The other change that was made was that $15,500 was shifted from the construction phase to design development, to reflect the fact that engineering associated with this will be completed this summer, instead of in 2011.” ∆

Table 1. Project Timeline   
Dates  Work 
4/10 - 8/10  Detailed design documents created 
5/10 - 8/10  Utility work on plaza 
8/10 - 11/10  Construction documents complete 
12/10 - 1/11  Bidding/awarded 
9/10 - 1/11  Gas/electric switch-over 
11-Jan Construction starts 
12-Apr Occupy new addition 


Table 2. Carlisle School Building Project Architect and OPM Fees   
(as of 5/10/10)   
Phase  HMFH  Daedalus 
Feasibility work  Not in contract  $25,000
Schematic Design  $239,111 $51,512
Existing Condition Drawings  $15,000 --
Model/Presentation Materials  $5,400 --
Early Utility Package Design/Bid/CA  $20,800 --
Design Development  $334,448 $54,822
Construction Document  $558,260 $76,900
Bidding  $79,737 $16,023
Construction  $363,843 $460,693
Completion  $19,343 $15,050
Total Fee  ######## $700,000



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