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Friday, May 21, 2010

Carlisle Middle School students compete in science fair

Science fair participants include, back row, left to right: Madi Jolly, Whitney Cook, Kate Goodale, Laura Paterson, Bobbi Li and Tom Moore. Front row, left to right: Carolyn Lu, Chasidy Jaquith, Beth Davis, Amanda Li and Anagha Chandra. (Courtesy Photo)

Eight Carlisle School students have won spots at the Middle School Science & Engineering State Fair on June 5 in Worcester. Eleven students brought their Science Fair projects to the Northeast Regional Middle School Science & Engineering Fair on May 8 at the University of Massachusetts Lowell and eight were selected to compete in the state fair. In addition Emma Marshall will bring her project, Staring at Stars, for exhibition. ∆

Northeast Regional Middle School Science & Engineering Fair

Name Project Award Level
Whitney Cook Even the Cookie Monster Likes Variety
2nd prize
Chasidy Jaquith Sugar You are Drinking in Soda
2nd prize

Amanda Li

The Mpemba Effect: Fact or Fiction?
3rd prize
Carolyn Lu The Effect of the Presence of Water Vapor on Microwave Efficiency 3rd prize
Tom Moore Cellular Automata Hon. Men.
Kate Goodale The Chemistry of Chocolate Hon. Men.

Madi Jolly, Madi Jolly,Laura Paterson



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