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Friday, May 14, 2010

Town Meeting approves all but Article 20 on CPA:
School projects, fire truck and CPA future require additional votes at Town Election on Tuesday, May 18

Building project feasibility studies were funded for both the Concord-Carlisle and Minuteman Technical High Schools, as all but Warrant Article 20 passed at Annual Town Meeting on Monday evening, May 10. Article 20, the referendum on the future of the Community Preservation Act (CPA) real estate tax surcharge, failed to win a majority after a significant exchange ...more

Town Meeting supports CPA, rejects Article 20

Fresh from voting unanimously to authorize Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds for iconic Carlisle projects under Article 21, such as repair of the Cranberry Bog House and improvements to trails (see story on page 4), citizens were asked to discuss whether they wanted to vote next year whether to reduce or rescind the 2% CPA surtax. After a lengthy debate, ...more

Carlisle adopts stretch building code: To become mandatory next January 1

Article 28 proposing a Stretch Building Code for Carlisle was narrowly adopted after a long discussion ending well after 11 p.m. The stretch code raises the requirements on energy efficiency for new homes, additions and major renovations. The adoption was proposed by the Selectmen’s Energy Task Force, but opposed four to one by the Selectmen themselves. The ...more

Article 21: Town Meeting gives solid support for Bog House

To go by the discussion at Town Meeting, there is solid support for retaining the Community Preservation Act and little controversy over spending $165,000 in CPA funds to shore up the Bog House. The motion in Article 21 (considered before Article 20) to spend $165,000 to fix up the house at the Cranberry Bog on Curve Street was presented to a quiet audience ...more

What is CPA?

Enacted in 2000 as MGL 44B, the Community Preservation Act (CPA) provides state matching funds for towns that vote a surcharge be added to property taxes for the purpose of raising funds for historic preservation, community housing, open space and recreation....more


The article “Carlisle gains emergency notification system” says that the Carlisle School uses an emergency calling system called “Blackboard Connect.” However, according to the school administration office, the product the school uses is “One Call.” The Mosquito regrets the error. ∆

Highland Committee architects outline repairs, suggest restoration options

The Highland Building Committee is working with architects to prepare detailed specifications for the project to stabilize the former school building, as well as to glance ahead at possible future renovations. ...more

Boards, experts offer advice as Benfield deadline nears

“Ask and it shall be given to you.” Those words were no doubt going through Ed Rolfe’s mind as the chair of the Carlisle Zoning Board of Appeals sat behind a stack of reports submitted by various town boards, committees and consultants. The ZBA had asked them to review the Benfield Farms 40B comprehensive permit application and the Conservation Commission, ...more

Article 15: CCHS Technology Fund approved

Town Meeting voted unanimously under Article 15 to create a Technology Stabilization Fund for the Concord-Carlisle Regional High School (CCHS). Its purpose will be to reserve funds to be used for network upgrades and replacement of technology equipment. A sum of $5,800, in the school district’s available funds, will be transferred into this new account. ...more

Carlisle School Committee hears enrollment request, faculty changes

A food-service employee has requested permission to have her child attend kindergarten at the Carlisle School, reported Superintendent Marie Doyle at the May 5 meeting of the Carlisle School Committee (CSC). There are 48 students currently registered for kindergarten next fall, according to Assistant to the Superintendent Claire Wilcox. Three sections are planned, ...more

Historical Commission looks at library signage

Temporary signage at Gleason Library. Gleason Library Director Angela Mollet and Library Trustee Priscilla Stevens approached the Historical Commission on April 27 for permission to continue the temporary signage on the front lawn of the library. Mollet stated that currently the sign is up for three to four days ...more

Article 16: CCHS Feasibility Study passes

Net cost to Carlisle is $251,000

Annual Town Meeting on May 10 voted unanimously to approve the sum of $1.3 million for a feasibility study and design schematics for a significant renovation project of the Concord-Carlisle Regional High School (CCHS). The debt exclusion is contingent upon passage of a ballot question 1 on May 18. ...more

Article 17: TM okays Minuteman feasibility study

Voters unanimously supported Article 17, to fund a feasibility study for Minuteman Career and Technical High School at Annual Town Meeting on Monday evening. Carlisle is one of 16 member towns, all of which must agree to support the article for the study to proceed. Approval of the article will allow Minuteman to borrow up to $725,000 for the study. A 40% reimbursement ...more

Ballot for Town Election Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Moderator One for One Year Vote for One ...more

Candidates for town office introduce themselves

Questions for all the candidates

Tell us a little about yourself. What educational background, experience or special interests do you have that are relevant to the position you are seeking?

• Are there services supervised by this board/committee that would be appropriate for regionalization with another town?

• What are the biggest challenges facing this board/committee during the next few years?

In addition Selectmen and School Committee candidates were asked:

• What do you think should be done regarding a CCHS renovation?

• Do you support the Community Preservation Act real estate surcharge?

Planning Board agenda for May 17 Town Hall 7:30 p.m.

7:30 Minutes, bills, budget, ...more

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