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Friday, May 14, 2010


Viewing the world through different media

The three local artists with work on display at the Gleason Library all find inspiration outdoors, but record their impressions in different ways. John Brewer, a Lowell Street resident, always has his camera along to catch familiar sights in unusual ways. Suzanne Hill, of Westford Street, captures the shades of outdoors in her pottery and literally uses nature ...more

Viva México at Margaritas

After a long wait, the space that was formerly Denny’s in Lexington has been refashioned into Margaritas Restaurant and Watering Hole. Margaritas opened in late February to thirsty throngs craving tequila drinks and Mexican home cooking. Margaritas serves both up nicely. Although a restaurant chain, each franchise seems to make its own subtle changes to the ...more

Biodiversity Corner : Field Horsetail

Horsetails are the only surviving members of an ancient order of plants, the Equisetales. They are older even than the Ginkgo tree which is often referred to as a living fossil. Ginkgo fossils date back to the Permian period (around 300 to 250 million years ago) while Horsetail fossils date to the Carboniferous period ...more

HAPPY TRAILS : Carlisle’s majestic pines in local state forest

Among its varied parcels of open space and protected land, Carlisle is home to the Carlisle Pines State Park, a small wooded area which includes a grove of ancient pines that have survived hundreds of years. Although pine forests are hardly unusual in Carlisle, within a few steps of entering Carlisle Pines State Park hikers realize they are in a rare environment. ...more

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