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Friday, May 14, 2010

Historical Commission looks at library signage

Temporary signage at Gleason Library. Gleason Library Director Angela Mollet and Library Trustee Priscilla Stevens approached the Historical Commission on April 27 for permission to continue the temporary signage on the front lawn of the library. Mollet stated that currently the sign is up for three to four days a week to alert passersby of programs at the library. The few times when there are not any specific programs to promote, the library uses the sign to advertise library offerings, such as e-books.

Stevens reiterated that they would like permission to continue to use the signage for three to four days a week. “We’ve become dependent on them for library events,” stated Mollet. Commission member Sylvia Sillers moved “to approve a signage on the Gleason Public Library lawn that is a two feet by three feet moveable double-sided sign that allows different messages to be shown on either side and to be allowed for one year, with the following conditions: only library-sponsored messages; only one sign positioned in the middle of the front lawn adjacent to the pathway in one spot; expected usage is three to four days a week, utilizing black and red lettering”.

Permanent library signage. Mollet and Stevens indicated that they are interested in installing a permanent sign. Stevens added “there is precedent for a more permanent installation. In future we would like to have that as a project. Of course it would be architecturally pleasing.” As a starter, Commission member Geoffrey Freeman suggested that they take photos of other historic public building signs from other towns to see what other towns have done.

Mollet said that the plan for a permanent sign is not imminent, but that it is certainly in the foreseeable future. Stevens indicated that they would look to have the sign privately funded, and would most likely put it on their wish list. Commission Chair Marc Lamere said that the commission would need to look at the plans, and recommended that the library look at the bylaws for the permissible size of the sign.

Historic Survey. The survey is complete and at the Historical Commission office at Town Hall. The commission is now wrestling with how to get the information onto the town website. Lamere said the commission will send a letter to survey consultants Forbes and Schuler to thank them for their “extraordinary efforts to the town.”

Veterans Memorial power panel. Commission member Geoffrey Freeman explained that Neal Emmer, architect of the Veterans Memorial, sent a note to the Veterans Memorial Committee stating that he thought the best way to make the power panel less visible to the public was to plant shrubbery around it. Freeman agreed, and looked forward to recommendations from the Veterans Memorial Committee.

Grassing of pathways. The commission acknowledged that the contract with the paving contractors is complete and that it is up to the town to remove the silt barriers and reseed the grass. This concluded the commission’s involvement in this matter.

Resignation and Nomination. Lamere announced his resignation from the Historical Commission, and will hand over chairmanship to another member. Outgoing member Chip Dewing nominated architect Neal Emmer to the Historical Commission and the commission voted its approval. Emmer has agreed to the position and will be asked to send a letter of application to the Selectmen. ∆

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