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Friday, May 7, 2010

Summary of Warrant Articles for 2010 Annual Town Meeting

The Board of Selectmen unanimously support all Warrant Articles except 21 and 26 (see below). The Finance Committee (FinCom) supports funding-related Articles 3-19 and 21-24. The Planning Board supports the Zonong Bylaw revisions proposed in Articles 25 - 27.

Article Article Summary

1 Town Reports This Article also accepts the 2009 Town Report.

2 Consent Agenda Groups routine articles 3 to 9 under one vote, unless there is a call to “Hold” an article, in which case it will be voted separately

3 Salaries of Elected Officials This Article approves the FY11 salaries of the Town Moderator ($50), members of the Board of Assessors ($100 each) and the

Town Clerk ($53,640, a 2.0% increase over FY10).

4 Revaluation Appropriates $5,000 to be used by the Board of Assessors toward the town-wide real estate revaluation required every three years.

5 Actuarial Appropriates $4,000 towards the cost of actuarial services to estimate future expenses due to post-employment benefits.

The estimate will be required by the state every two years.

6 Department Revolving Funds Town boards and departments receive a variety of fees which are deposited in special revolving accounts, which must be voted annually.

The sources, uses and spending limits are on pages 7 and 8 of the Warrant book.

7 Real Estate Tax Exemption Allows the town to grant a real estate tax exemption to qualifying seniors and disabled citizens, to offer protection from up to 100%

of real estate tax increases. Reauthorization is needed each year.

8 Reserve Transfer Allows the FY11 transfer of $24,071 from reserves for the payment of debt service for the Carlisle School.

9 Chapter 90 This Article enables the town to borrow $202,655 for the improvement of Carlisle roads in anticipation of reimbursement by the state. Requires a two-thirds majority vote.

10 FY10 Budget Transfers It is expected that fund transfers will not be necessary this year and this motion will not be moved.

11 Operating Budget Appropriates $23,144,540 for the operation and debt service of the town in FY10 which is at the levy limit as defined by

Proposition 2-1/2, a state law which limits property tax increases to 2.5% without an override. Details are listed in tables on

pages 9-16 of the Warrant book. This Article offers a balanced budget. It must pass in order for town government to be funded.

12 Capital Equipment Funds are requested for capital equipment and improvements for town departments and the Carlisle School totaling $218,680.

Items include: energy projects ($14,680), school maintenance ($25,000), one-ton DPW truck ($47,000), Gleason Library

computer replacement ($8,000), police cruiser ($32,000), Police,Fire & municiple communications cable ($45,000), Fire Dept.

SCBA air bottles ($47,000).This is included in the balanced budget voted under Article 11. The Long Term Capital Requirements

Committee supports this Article.

13 Capital Expenditure This authorizes the use of $20,000 of Free Cash to provide additional funding for new cisterns for the Fire Department.

14 Capital Expenditure This Article authorizes borrowing an amount of $410,000 to purchase a new pumper truck to replace Engine 6, which was bought

Fire Truck in 1985. The Long Term Capital Requirements Committee recommends this purchase. A Debt Exclusion, it requires a two-thirds

majority vote and is contingent upon passage of Ballot Question 3 at Town Election on May 18.

15 CCRSD Technology This authorizes the Concord-Carlisle Regional School District (CCRSD) to create a stabilization fund for technology-related expenses

Stabilization Fund at the high school and approves a transfer of $5,800 from the CCRSD year-end balance to the new fund.

16 Capital Expenditure This Article authorizes the Concord-Carlisle Regional School District borrow an amount of $1.3 million for a feasibility study and

CCHS Renovation schematic design for future renovation to the high school. Carlisle would pay a portion, based on its ongoing share of enrollment.

The state is expected to reimburse 31% of this cost. This regional school district debt exclusion requires a majority vote as well as

passage of Question 1 at Town Election.

17 Capital Expenditure This Article authorizes the Minuteman Regional Vocational Technical School District to borrow an amount of $725,000 for

Minuteman Renovation a feasibility study for future renovation to the Minuteman High School. Carlisle would pay a portion, based on its ongoing share of

enrollment. The state is expected to reimburse 40% or more of the study’s cost. This requires a majority vote at Town Meeting as well

as passage of Question 2 at Town Election.

18 COA Appropriates $3,500 for professional services to help the Council on Aging.

19 Planning Board Appropriates $5,000 for professional services to help the Planning Board.

20 CPA Program Passage would instruct the Selectmen to place an article on a future Town Meeting Warrant to either discontinue or reduce the amount

End or Reduce of the Community Preservation Act (CPA) real estate tax surcharge. Town Meeting annually approves use of CPA funds for projects

relating to historic or open space preservation, recreation or affordable housing (see Article 21). The FinCom did not vote on

Article 20 because it did not impact this year’s budget. The Selectmen voted 4-1 in support of this article.

21 CPA Authorizations This article will include five motions, recommended by the Community Preservation Committee (CPC):

Motion 1. A routine motion to appropriate from the FY11 Community Preservation Act (CPA) estimated revenues to the CPA accounts:

a) $46,346 to the Community Housing reserve Fund; b) $165,000 to the Historic Reserve Fund;

c) $174,000 be appropriated for Benfield Land debt service principal; d) $22,370 for Benfield Land debt service interest;

e) $2,000 for administrative expenses; f) $53,744 be appropriated to the FY11 Community Preservation Budget Reserve account.

Motion 2. Appropriates $165,000 for restoration of the Cranberry Bog House.

Motion 3. Appropriates $50,000 to fund the Community Housing Coordinator position in Fy11 for up to 28 hours per week.

Motion 4. Appropriates $15,000 to fund Trails Committee projects over the next five years.

Motion 5. Appropriates an additional $5,000 in design funds for the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail and extends authorization by 2 years.

Motion 6. Extends previous funding period for the Open Space and Recreation Plan update from June 30, 2012 to June 30, 2014.

22 Stabilization Transfer $14,948 will be transferred from the Stabilization Fund to repay a portion of principal and interest on debt service for the

Robbins-Hutchins Fields (formerly Wang-Coombs Land) purchase. This is a routine Article that requires a two-thirds majority vote.

23 Free Cash Transfer Transfers $75,000 from Free Cash to the Stabilization Fund. Requires two-thirds majority vote.

24 Free Cash Transfer Allows the transfer of $219,828 from Free Cash to help fund the FY11 budget.

25 Wetland/Flood Zoning Allows amendment of Zoning Bylaw Section 5.2, Wetland/Flood Hazard District to maintain town compliance with National Flood

Bylaw Change Insurance Program. Requires two-thirds majority vote.

26 District Location Allows amendment of Zoning Bylaw Section 2.2, Location of Districts, to update definition of Wetland/Flood Hazard District.

Bylaw Change Needed to maintain town compliance with National Flood Insurance Program. Requires two-thirds majority vote.

27 Site Plan Review Amends Zoning ByLaw Section 7.6, Site Plan Review. Revises and moves portions to new Rules and Regulations, which provides

Bylaw Change greater flexibility in future updates and fee waivers. See pages 23 - 27 of the Warrant book. Requires two-thirds majority vote.

28 Stretch Code Authorizes the town’s adoption of the optional supplement to the state’s Building Code that would boost required energy efficiency

in new construction and renovations. See pages 27 - 28 of the Warrant book. The Selectmen voted 4-1 against this Article.

29 Hanover Hill A housekeeping Article to authorize the Selectmen to acquire additional pathway easements in the Hanover Hill subdivision, bordering

Westford Street. Last year Town Meeting accepted easements in the subdivision and this Article covers some areas not included then.

Requires a two-thirds majority.

30 Bruce Freeman In anticipation of possible future easements, this Article authorizes the Selectmen to to acquire easements on the section of railroad

Trail Easements right-of-way located in Carlisle for inclusion in the Bruce Freeman Trail. Requires a two-thirds majority.

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