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Friday, May 7, 2010

Board of Health considers oil spill, flooding damage

Oil spill cleanup. Carlisle Board of Health (BOH) Agent Linda Fantasia reported on the ongoing clean up of the oil spill that occurred at 125 South Street last month. Crews are on the site every day, she said. “It’s quite a situation.” The spill involved about 300 gallons of oil, according to BOH member Marc Caddell. Fantasia said, “They are still exposing pockets of oil.” She said the company doing the cleanup is keeping abutters informed of the progress.

Flood damage at 271 Russell Street. Fantasia said the homeowners have “contracted with an installer and engineer” regarding repair of flood damage to their septic system resulting from the heavy rains at the end of March. Rob Frado, the board’s technical consultant, described the damage, which includes the washout of fill on the side of the septic system. “Just the elbow that comes out of the ebox is exposed. The system is intact but it can’t be used because the outer pipe is exposed.” He added that, although no pipes have to be replaced, the system will need about “five feet deep of fill, the entire depth of the house.” In addition he noted the previous material which was “on top of the tank, the side of the tank and in between the field . . . washed into the wetlands.”

The board gave the homeowners a temporary permit to convert the septic tank into a tight tank. This will allow the home to be occupied, but ensures that wastewater does not flow from the tank into the leach field. The permit extends until the end of May. A second permit will be required to authorize the actual repairs.

142 Bedford Road. The BOH passed two waiver requests, with attached conditions, for a wastewater disposal system construction permit on behalf of applicant William O’Brien of Pinnacle Partners. The waivers will allow a septic system for a two-bedroom house to be placed 56 feet from wetlands at the site of the old concrete house on Bedford Street (now torn down).

BOH Chair Jeffrey Brem said they would approve the plan with four conditions: the construction permit must indicate a limit of two bedrooms and the limit must become a deed restriction; a letter must be sent to the Building Inspector regarding the conditions; there must be a sign off of the building permit application by the BOH; and the house must not contain more than eight rooms in total. Engineer George Dimakarakos, of Stamski and McNary, Inc. thanked the board for its approval.

Sanitary inspector. Fantasia reported she has advertised for the post of sanitary inspector and has “someone very interested in it. There may be others, but he is a good, strong candidate and has worked with the town before.” They expect to hire someone by July 1 to replace the services currently contracted through the town of Concord.

Emergency notification. The Town of Carlisle will be purchasing an automated emergency calling system for $3,000 (see article, page 1). Fantasia said such a system could have been used during the recent rainstorms “for road closures, or for any emergency.” The system allows for unlimited usage, explained Fantasia, and could be shared by all town departments.

Subcommittee on regionalization. Bill Russo agreed to serve as the BOH liaison on a new town subcommittee to study regionalization. It is to look into possible savings by combining services from several town boards or programs.

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