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Friday, May 7, 2010

HAPPY MAAA-THERS DAY. Kids Claire and Aidan plan to spend the day hanging out with their mother, Cate,
a dairy goat owned by Tricia Smith and Michael Holland of Indian Hill Road. (Photo by Beth Clarke)

Mother’s Day: going where no man has gone before

Being a mother has cast me into various unwanted roles over the years: Mom as 3 a.m. floor walker, Mom as disciplinarian, Mom as seventh-grade-play producer. I have striven to perform these roles with aplomb, with some degree of success, but my son has me completely flummoxed with the latest incarnation being thrust upon me. Let me put it this way: he proposed; ...more

Candidates spotlight views at LWV Forum

Candidates Larry Bearfield and John Gorecki are challengers for the one slot on the Board of Selectmen (BOS), and they indicated a few differences in positions at the League of Women Voters Forum on Sunday. The forum provided all candidates for town office a chance to put their views before the voters and hear questions from the community. About 30 townspeople ...more


Article 28: Carlisle considers “Stretch Code”: Area towns signing up

Should Carlisle adopt a more rigorous building code to boost home energy efficiency? At Annual Town Meeting on May 10, Article 28 will ask voters to adopt the “stretch code,” an optional supplement that raises the requirements on energy efficiency for new homes, additions and major renovations. The stretch code would make home construction and repair more ...more

Carlisle gains emergency notification system

Next year the town will be able to contact residents in case of emergency through a single mechanism. The Board of Health has found that they can apply some of the remaining H1N1 grant funds ($6,150) to pay for the first two years of an emergency notification system. The state requires a 50/50 match from the community, and an ongoing commitment to continue ...more

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