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Friday, April 16, 2010

Carlisle School building project receives green light

Voters approved the Carlisle School building project at Town Election on Tuesday, April 13, echoing the results of Special Town Meeting last week. Tuesday’s ballot question to authorize bonding the debt passed by a margin of 756 to 289. Turnout was light as only 29% of Carlisle’s 3,641 registered voters made the trip to Town Hall to cast their ballot. ...more

Review okays Benfield septic system, water supply issues remain

Time flies when faced with a requirement to complete deliberations on a Benfield Farms 40B comprehensive permit application within 180 days. Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) Chair Ed Rolfe reminded everyone at their April 7 meeting that only 33 working days remain before the May 24 deadline. This resulted in a flurry of scheduling activity among those present, ...more

CCHS Master Plan approved

The Regional School Committee (RSC) unanimously approved the Facilities Master Plan for Concord-Carlisle Regional High School (CCHS). Before the vote, the committee discussed aspects of the plan and the issue of affordability. ...more

Benfield Farms Scenic Roads Hearing concluded

The Planning Board and Tree Warden Gary Davis approved the removal of six trees within the South Street right-of-way to accommodate the access roads to the proposed Benfield Farms senior affordable housing development. The housing is to be on town land developed by the Neighborhood of Affordable Housing (NOAH). At the April 12 Public Hearing, NOAH representatives ...more

Fifty Acre Way oil leak triggers emergency response

An Assurance Technology Corporation employee taking his regular noontime walk along Fifty Acre Way shortly after 1 p.m. last Monday smelled “a substance with a strong odor” and noticed the water in Spencer Brook was red. He thought this might be a case for the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and he was right. He called Carlisle police and he ...more

Oil heating system laws change

By July 1, homeowners must upgrade oil heating system equipment to prevent leaks from tanks and pipes that connect to the furnace. By making a relatively small expenditure now, homeowners can prevent a much greater expense in the future. Massachusetts has a new law to address oil leaks from home heating systems (see Chapter 453 of the Acts of 2008). This law ...more

What to do in case of an oil spill?

The sooner the spill is cleaned up, the lower the costs, is the rule of thumb according to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)’s “Homeowner Oil Spill Cleanup Guide.” A 2001 survey of 510 homeowners who dealt with heating system oil leaks showed that most leaks that were cleaned up within four months cost $20,000 or less, while ...more

Recreation Commission Shorts, April 8

The Recreation Commission gathered for a brief meeting last week, primarily to discuss and vote on the two bids they received for organic field services. The group also discussed an outstanding electric bill, a metal plate in the center of Banta-Davis and a possible new practice field. ...more

CCHS Athletic Director Barry Haley fields parent questions

Concord-Carlisle High School (CCHS) Athletic Director Barry Haley is as enthusiastic as when he arrived at the high school four years ago. He has 23 years of experience in this job and says “I’ve died and gone to Concord-Carlisle.” Haley gave an overview of athletics at the high school and answered questions in an evening program on April 6 sponsored ...more

Shorts from the Carlisle School Committee, April 7

Flat budget for FY11. The proposed school budget for next year will be held at FY2010 levels (see table). During a special public hearing on the FY 2011 school budget Superintendent Marie Doyle explained the flat budget will be achieved through reductions in administration costs, which are the result of combining ...more

Eighth Grade Science Fair a hit

On April 7 the Carlisle School library was turned into a festive exhibition hall for the first annual Eighth Grade Science Fair. A large and appreciative crowd of parents, Carlisle residents, students and teachers wandered through the room which was crammed with tables holding attractive tri-fold project displays. Eighth- grade students eagerly explained their ...more

Carefree high school days? Not really

While many like to think of high school as a carefree time before the real business of adulthood begins, the reality is that most teens experience stress. As students head into the season of college decisions, proms, MCAS testing and finals, academic and social pressure mounts. This year, anxiety may be heightened by a recent string of local teen deaths. Two ...more

Students watch drunk driving “accident”: Are high school alcohol programs effective?

Sirens blare. Ambulances descend. The Jaws of Life are employed. Has a terrible accident happened at Minuteman Career and Technical High School? ...more

A guide to Carlisle’s conservation organizations

Open space and great schools. In one order or the other, these are often the first two reasons that residents give for moving to Carlisle. How does Carlisle maintain its small town atmosphere and rural vistas? ...more

Changes proposed to Site Plan Review Zoning Bylaw

Selectmen Tim Hult and Doug Stevenson participated in the April 12 Planning Board Public Hearing on Article 27 for the May 10 Town Meeting. As summarized by Planning Administrator George Mansfield, “The proposal is to revise Section 7.6 of the Zoning Bylaws (Site Plan Review) by clarifying, but not changing, its applicability by moving detailed application ...more

Town Meeting to weigh Flood Hazard and Wetland Zoning update

Passage of Warrant Articles 25 and 26 is imperative to residents’ access to the National Flood Insurance Program, said Town Administrator Tim Goddard at the April 12 Public Hearing held by the Planning Board. The pair of Articles involve the town’s acceptance of the new format for maps defining flood hazard areas: the Middlesex County Flood Insurance Rate ...more

Board of Health agenda for Tuesday, April 27

7:30 Minutes, bills ...more

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