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Friday, April 16, 2010


OPENING DAY. Thursday after school these friends shared three Kimball’s ice cream specials. Shown are (left to right) John Faber, Myles O’Leary, Eric Seller, Charlie Lotane, Thomas Ratcliffe, Thomas Salemy, Lior Selve, Sam Royce and Tad Connors. (Photo by Ellen Huber)

POLICE TAKE CHARGE. The Carlisle Police Department takes a break from tracking down crooks and became cooks for the COA’s Men’s Breakfast on April 8. Supplying all the makings and the manpower are (left to right) Sgt. Tom Whelan mixing batter, Dispatcher Kirk Bishop cooking bacon and Patrolman Ron Holsinger in charge of the orange juice. (Photo by Ellen Huber)

TURTLE TALK. On Sunday, April 11, wildlife ecologist and former Conservation Commissioner Chris Kavalauskas (right) shows the group a musk turtle during the Carlisle Trails Committee’s vernal pool walk. (Photo by Ellen Huber)

TRASH TRIUMPHANT. Launa Zimmaro displays her finds during the Mosquito Trash Party last Saturday. (Photo by Rik Pierce)

TRAIL TREKKERS. The outdoor walking group has started exploring Carlisle’s trails, working on earning the Carlisle Trekker Award. Open to everyone, the group meets Thursdays at 9:30 a.m. in Center Park and carpools to the trail. Getting ready to start the first walk of the season are (left to right) Dottie Hall, Michelle Coleman, Teresa Kvietkauskas, Nicole Burkel, Melinda Howe and Jane Anderson. (Photo by Marjorie Johnson)

TAKING NOTE. Minuteman Captain Scott Evans (center) shows new fife player Lindsay Klickstein the music for Patriots Day. Her dad Jamie (left) and Minutemen Gabor Miskolczy (front) and Miles Goff look on during their practice on the Town Green on April 8. (Photo by Ellen Huber)

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